The Expanding Ukraine Crisis

By AJC, Special for USDR.

AJC Executive Director David Harris issued the following statement today:

“We have been following with ever growing concern the unfolding events in Ukraine.

“As we said in our previous statement (Dec. 2), AJC has had a long and deep relationship with Ukraine, a country to which we attach the highest importance.

“The solution to the current crisis ought not to come from a violent government crackdown on those who believe their country made an epic error in failing to sign an agreement with the European Union. These citizens have every right to peaceful assembly and protest. They must not become the targets of state-sponsored violence and repression for their beliefs.

“Moreover, in a democratic society the path to decision-making is through dialogue, negotiation and compromise, not the use of intimidation and brute force.

“Further, Ukraine must have every right to determine its own destiny. That destiny is not for other nations to determine on its behalf.

“As we have said before, as friends of Ukraine, we believe that a closer association with the EU and its institutions is the likeliest path for it to ensure a bright, prosperous future, anchored in democratic values, the rule of law, a robust civil society, and government accountability. The country’s potential is enormous. Ukraine should be given every chance to realize it.

“But, ultimately, of course, that decision rests, as it must, with the Ukrainian people. They should have the opportunity to decide, as befits a free nation, what is best for their destiny.”

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