The Fine Line between Truth and Fiction

By Gordon Zuckerman, Special for  USDR

Can our national government actually serve the people and not just a handful of powerful self-interests? Does our country – or the world – really know it needs to be saved from what is rotting behind the  curtain?

You may think this sounds like a story about the Trump White House and Republican Congress, but it is actually a central theme in the writings of Gordon Zuckerman, the author of an Amazon best-selling historical fiction series, The Sentinels. His newest installment, Voices Behind The Curtain: The Sentinels, comes just in time for today’s real world of politicians and businesses involved in self-serving greed, and the absence of responsible  leadership.

“When will the corruption, conflict of interests, and underhanded dealings in deception by those we are supposed to trust stop?” questions author  Zuckerman.

Kirkus Reviews said his current book is “a somnolent financial potboiler.” Unfortunately, reality mirrors his  fiction.

The post-World War II military industrial complex is explored under Zuckerman’s analytical and action-filled globe-trotting thriller. It’s a book of principles vs. power, of greed vs. the selfless opposition.  His latest novel examines what he calls a “Power Cycle” threat that occurs when “The Three Princes of Tyranny” private industry, government influence, and the support of the financial community, organize their collective influence and wealth to pursue self-serving agendas to be achieved at the public’s  expense.

A successful entrepreneur, Harvard Business School graduate, and student of history, Zuckerman connects the dots of history and develops the plots for each book of his series. Zuckerman has used his writing easel to illustrate what can happen when a small group of courageous, high-minded, problem-solving main characters decide to oppose the looming threat of malignant agendas of misdirected concentrations of wealth and  influence.

His latest work of historical fiction takes place in the immediate years following World War II and right through the early years of the Cold War and the McCarthy Hearings. We are thrust into a plot by a secret band of American industrialists looking to manipulate Congress into inflating military  spending.

“We need more, high-minded, entrepreneurial leaders,” says Zuckerman, “who are opposed to those who abuse privileges of free enterprise for their own interests. A handful of powerful people in and out of government seek to control this nation and the world. We must be vigilant and look to others to both study history and learn from it, to problem-solve and find a high-minded way to lead by principle and not  greed.”

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SOURCE Gordon  Zuckerman

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