The First Biometric Password App Launches on Kickstarter


Biometric Signature ID unveiled BioTect-ID on today, an innovative mobile security app for Android and iOS devices that uses a dynamic, gesture-based biometric to authenticate users instead of intrusive physical body part  data.

The technology represents a significant advance for privacy advocates concerned about the growing use of biometrics for human identification. Powered by the company’s patented software-only technology BioSig-ID™, BioTect-ID identifies users by their unique drawing style as they write a four character password with their finger. To defeat BioTect-ID’s security, hackers would not only have to replicate the user’s drawing style exactly but also know their  password.

Third party testing by the Tolly Group found the BioTect-ID technology 99.97% accurate at stopping imposters. In all 10,000 attempts by testers to bypass BioTect-ID, none succeeded, even though they were given the password to make it easier. BioTect-ID exceeds National Institute for Standards for Technology (NIST) biometric accuracy standards by  300%.

“BioTect-ID is completely non-invasive,” said Jeff Maynard, CEO of Biometric Signature ID. “Physical biometrics like irises, fingerprints, and facial features are irreplaceable and gone forever if stolen. Drawing style is simply a gesture that can be revised or replaced any time. There’s no need to provide information about your body. We think that should stay private. Biometric identification will soon be a fact of life. As technologies compete, there is an urgent need for gesture biometrics like BioTect-ID which can’t be stolen, use no static physical information, and protect consumer body privacy without sacrificing  accuracy.”

BioTect-ID’s inventive integration of a biometric with password knowledge makes it a multi-factor authentication app, the strongest security technology available for identity protection in mobile security applications. Because its dynamic biometric passwords can be easily replaced, BioTect-ID offers the first real alternative to physical biometrics with their potentially devastating consequences if  stolen.

The BioSig-ID technology was selected by the White House for a pilot program as part of NSTIC to produce secure online transactions by enhancing privacy and reducing the risk of fraud. The thirty day Kickstarter campaign for BioTect-ID will seek development funding for the Android and iOS apps, with a consumer desktop version to come later. To learn more about BioTect-ID, visit its project page on at

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