The Future of Marketing Automation: Everything you Need to Know

The future of marketing is here and we are all a living breathing part of this virtual movement that brings us new tools and techniques every single day, and new systems that evolve with each passing year. This is the reason we have made so much progress only in the past decade since the actual rise of all things digital. Marketing automation is one of the things that has been the biggest boon of the digital evolution around us.

In order to understand marketing automation softwares, we should first understand the need for marketing automation. In the world of all things digital, there has been a multiplication of opportunities and audience, as well as an amplification of signals when it comes to reaching these people who could turn out to be your potential customers in the long run.

With the advent of social media platforms like face and the further evolution of blogging, commerce and entertainment have been seamlessly integrated to an extent where your information and the optimization part of it are both tied in together. This has given rise to CRM integrated with marketing automation software, which is something that many platforms are offering.

So what all does marketing automation actually include? It includes many features like SEO for better rankings, lead generation and nurturing with landing pages and other CRM tools, social media management as well as email marketing automation which delivers the right notifications and emails to the right people at the right stage of the sales pipeline and interaction funnel.

What does the future of marketing automation hold for you, especially if you own a small or medium sized business that is growth bound? Here’s a quick list of trends for you!

Customer Centric Operations

The future of marketing automation software will depend largely on what clients and customers want in their specific niches. With more segmented marketing tasks that go along the sales pipeline, the positioning will have to be more customer centric than ever before. Why is this? Well, the answer is simple. With greater opportunities comes greater responsibility. When we are given the opportunity to tap into the consciousness and attention span of many segments and a wider audience, we also need to engage better with them because the competition will be that much more dense. Also, with engagement and interactions, there will be a greater need to record the data and outcome of such interactions so that the same may be successfully used in creating further campaigns and niche tasks along the camels pipeline for individual products and services. In effect, this will mean that the value addition of each product or service will have to be at par with the outcome of such data and engagements with the customers and ideal audience.

Content Centric Operations

Content is king, and delivery is queen. We would do well to remember this when we fashion our marketing automation software or the email marketing automation software. With content at the centre of all operations, you would need to see this as an upcoming trend in the field of marketing automation. The content and its delivery will pretty much decide your positioning and how efficiently you actually manage to carry it out. This is one of the most important things that keeps evolving in the field of digital marketing. All the other tools and techniques may come and go, or face changes – but content is something that will always keep evolving in order to fit in higher marketing needs and goals in the long run. This would include blog posts, emails, social media posts, landing page content, calls for action and so much more. When it comes to building a brand and making a place of authority for yourself in our niche, you would need marketing automation to help you create a solid base of diverse knowledge and expertise so that it offers solutions to your clients by pitching the answers at the end in the form of calls for action. This is one of the primary things that will happen in the future when it comes to seamless and well integrated marketing automation that will serve you in the long run.

Social Media Management

This is a field that will see colossal changes in the coming times when it comes to marketing automation. And we are not just talking about managing the social media feeds, pages and profiles in a more optimum way. When we club marketing automation and social media management together, we are actually talking about integrating the two so that there is better reach across an omnipresent campaign that also ties in blog posts, landing pages, ads, emails and so much more so that your presence is literally felt in all corners of the great wide web. This also further ties in with the ideals of content which would have to be on trend and fully evolved so as to fit these future ready needs propelled by marketing automation softwares. Social media would also have to be more intuitive so that the customer and the relevant content is kept at the centre while the automation process is carried out.

New Tools

There are a number of new tools that are going through a revamp so that the CRM aspect and marketing automation are both seamlessly and effectively tied in together for optimum results. This is also due to the fact that brands and businesses now need to free up the existing bandwidth so as to bring about better results in the marketing department and also when it comes to the speed with which brands and teams go through the sales pipeline to the end of the tunnel where conversions await them. Whether it is lead generation or email marketing automation so that notifications and emails become a more automated process, there are a number of features that will be offered by CRM and marketing automation softwares so that teams are able to focus on their core skills rather than mundane tasks that are time taking as well.

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