The “Good Old Boy System” Between Judges and the D.A.s


According to Judicial Watch Attorney Sterling “Ernie” Norris, “The District Attorney and Judicial Buddy System Is Alive and Well” and judges are taking money above and beyond their salaries. Watch the 1-minute preview video here in this second of a nine segment Full Disclosure Network TV-Internet Seriesfeaturing Attorney Sterling “Ernie” Norris, Director of Monitoring for Judicial Watch. Norris, who was with the D.A.’s office more than 30 years, is dismayed that judges accept this money and give up their integrity and independence. He charges that the D.A. should take action and tell judges they have a problem. Norris acknowledges the “Good Old Boy” Buddy System between the D.A., judges and defense attorneys is alive and well, and that they don’t want to rock the boat. Segment Three on December 25. Watch the video and full segment here:

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