The History of Vaping: E-Cigarettes Have Come a Long Way since the Initial Models

You may be having a lot of doubt about e-cigarettes and thinking to yourself that their usage is something that will not last. Well, this line of thinking is far from the truth. If anything, vaping is here to stay. E-cigarettes have changed over time, and with the advancement in technology, e-cigs continue to  improve.

Humble  Beginnings

Herbert Gilbert filed the first e-cigarette patent in 1963. His patent contained concepts that are familiar to modern e-cigs such as the heating elements, flavor cartridges, and smokeless flavored air. Herbert’s patent paved the way for other advanced e-cigar that would be unveiled  later.

The efforts to commercialize the invention of Herbert did not work, and his product became obscure. Later in 2003, a Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik, invented and patented an electronic cigarette that was nicotine-based. One year after its invention, Hon Lik became the first person to commercialize such a product. He manufactured electronic cigarettes and sold them first to China, and then distributed them to the rest of the world. His electronic cigarette consisted of a plastic cartridge that contained propylene glycol and nicotine solution, a battery, and an ultrasonic  atomizer.

Modern  E-Cigarette

Both the e-cigarettes and the subculture of the product gained popularity in the 2000s. There was an increase in e-cig production and an increase in the number of individuals yearning for the vaping experience. Because the concept applied in their usage is not so much complicated – vaporizers consist of a battery, juice, and heating element – people started to experiment by modifying their configurations for customized experiences. It is as a result of these modifications that the modern e-cigarettes came to be. Although the concept used in these items is similar to the one that was used during Hon Lik’s and Herbert Gilbert’s time, the designs of vaporizers have been modified to meet the needs of the modern-day users.  To get an idea of how modern vaporizers look like, you can visit

There’s Something for  Everyone

Irrespective of what your expectations for vaping may be, there’s bound to be a configuration that is ideal for you. If you are looking for something portable but does not require maintenance, you’ll definitely find one. If you are searching for something a bit complicated, there’s are modifications made possible just for you. And as impressive as these products are today, there is no doubt that they will continue to advance and get better with the improvement in technology. E-cigarettes may have been in the mainstream only for a few decades, but they have undergone tremendous changes to provide the experience users aspire to  have.

Although the history of vaporizers dates back to the sixties, it is the modern kinds that are more popular due to commercialization and their advanced nature. Modern e-cigs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and design to offer the users the experience they deserve. With the advancement in technology, it is expected that these products will continue to improve providing a better experience for the  users.

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