The Hypocrisy of the Rights Activists

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By April Dye, Contributor for USDR 

I first want to come out and say that I love animals. I think we should treat animals in a humane and loving way. I also love the earth. I think we should be good stewards of it and take care of her. However, animals and the earth and their existence should not be placed above human life and liberties.

I find it amazing that the same people who get so outraged at the abuse or treatment of animals think it is okay to kill an unborn human baby.

They will fight tooth and nail for land owners to set aside land for a species of animal that might be going extinct, even if this animal has never been seen on that particular land. They will fight with countries to ban them from having hunting parties in a country that actually uses the parts of the animals they kill to feed the poor and to make money for the communities.

They will call you a murder or animal hater if you try and tell them these things.

These same people think there is a war on women when it comes to wages, birth control or the right to kill an unwanted human baby. They will take it to the streets and scream and holler and protest the atrocities they see in America. But these same people do not stand-up or even see the true atrocities of other women in the world.

Women who are considered as property and passed off to whichever man the family sees fit. Who can be killed if they have done something the men in their family consider dishonorable. Women whose genitals are mutilated so they cannot enjoy sex because it might dishonor the family. There are women who are not even allowed to be educated. Where are the protesters then?

These same people will protest and demand laws to try and control the environment which has never been proven to be able to be controlled. These same people want laws that make life harder from farmers to businesses and put a heavy financial burden on most just to drive to work.

These same people cry and call successful people tyrants and haters of the poor demand things from others (not themselves) that actually don’t benefit the poor or help them to become independent instead prove to only make them more dependent.

I love animals, I love the earth and I love people but the hypocrisy is growing rampant and the people who spew this irrational convoluted hypocrisy are growing more outrageous every day.

Take a step back people. Look at history. Look at real people and how your agendas are touching real lives. Get off of your high horses and get educated. You truly just sound ignorant.

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