The Link Between Presidential Elections and the Housing Industry

By US Daily Review Staff.

Despite considerable efforts made from both Democrat and Republican parties to improve the housing market, the price of homes has faced a consistent decline during President Obama’s term. However, many states are experiencing improvement in home sales which could majorly affect the results of the upcoming 2012 election. As a leader in Texas real estate,Jim Nyquist weighs in on how these market shifts could determine who our next president will be.

A recent article from Reuters published by The Chicago Tribune indicates a growing opportunity for home owners to sale property for reasonable prices. Many homeowners are already taking advantage of this drastic shift in the housing market and making new purchases as well. In the case of the northern Virginia market, buyers and sellers are experiencing a 5.9 percent increase in home prices when compared to those of the previous year. For real estate expert, Jim Nyquist, these types of signs are encouraging to realtors, seller and buyers alike, but what is more interesting to him is the affect it will have on the upcoming presidential race.

Despite several initiatives under Obama’s presidency, the housing market has seen major declines. This trend has taxpayers concerned about the effectiveness of such programs, and many have criticized the government for failing to deliver positive results. However, the story notes market changes in key states may have some voters reconsidering the impact Obama’s plans has made.

The article claims that purchasing a home is one of the most major decisions that impact American lives. Such matters of importance are at the top of voters’ concerns, and the continuing improvements in key states, known as “battleground states,” may be the deciding factor in election results. Battleground states include Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio and most notably, Florida.

The report goes on to cite recent foreclosure increases as a deterrent to this overall economic recovery. Housing expert, Jim Nyquist specializes in foreclosure ventures and adds, “These things do take time, and while foreclosures are still a serious problem for many Americans. It is important for people to realize that the government is taking additional steps to investigate the market, and those efforts will most likely encourage drops in foreclosures nationwide.”

Whatever the case may be for the future, the release cites housing market improvements as a reason for increases in approval for Obama. Using Virginia as an example, the Public Polling Policy found that Obama is up eight percentage points over his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney. These results are significant since the state has historically supported Republican candidates prior to Obama’s presidency.

However, the article also reports that Ohio residents are attributing the economic recovery to local politicians, rather than the President. Although he is not a realtor in one of these battleground states, Jim Nyquist adds, “Many people may take their housing successes or failures too personal and will shift blame on the highest authority they can think of. However, it shouldn’t be the only reason for their voting decision; the real estate market is determined by so many more factors than the government.”

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