The Most Affordable Electric Bike?


With summer approaching and gas prices starting to rise, people are turning to alternative methods of transportation. One method gaining momentum is the Wave eBike, a new hybrid electric bicycle that can reach speeds of 28 MPH and can go 56 miles on a single charge. The campaign is available for funding at through June 1,  2015.

Already having shattered its initial goal of $70,000, the campaign is currently backed by 1,459 funders totaling over $333,000.  By extending the campaign, Wave eBike hopes to offer more exclusive options to entice more  backers.

The Wave eBike  features:

  • Powerful Hub Motor: Powered by a 48- volt 750-watt hub motor ensuring no maintenance, no issues, the ability to propel up to 28 mph, and unique hill climbing ability.
  • Long Lasting Battery: Featuring a 12-Amp hour (Ah) battery, Wave eBike offers 50% higher riding time compared to most other eBikes. Wave eBike offers a range of 56 miles for a single charge with pedal assist.
  • 100% Street Legal (except in NYC): Riders can cruise freely regardless of their area of residence.
  • Fully-Electric/Pedal/Hybrid: Users can relax with the twist of the throttle, pedal on their own like a classic bicycle, or go for a hybrid mode.
  • All Purpose: With cross functional capabilities, Wave eBike allows bikers to ride through the city, along the beach, or anywhere else.

With the additional funding received by extending the campaign, Wave eBike will offer backers a variety of  options including new color options, solar panel charging, bigger batteries, more seat options, LCD and cruise control as well as many more  incentives.

By switching to chargeable bikes, people who are contemplating biking to work now have a quicker, more urban option that helps reduce greenhouse emissions while still looking  cool.

“We wanted to create a bike with a utilitarian purpose.  The Wave eBike allows riders to switch between electric, hybrid or manual, without having to purchase multiple bikes,” says founder Aaron Brady.  “This way, the one-time cost on the IndieGoGo campaign is all you need to spend for three separate bikes. Also, by riding a Wave eBike helps the environment in a fun and unique  way.”

An estimated 185,000 e-bikes were sold in the US in 2013, according to the Electric Bikes Worldwide Report (EWBR). Considering the size of the US market, the potential for the Wave eBike is  massive.

The Wave eBike is available for funding until June 1, 2015 at

About Wave Electric  Bike

Wave eBike is all set to revolutionize the electric bike industry with their upcoming super low priced eBike. Cruise for over 52 miles without a destination in mind! Riding the Wave eBike, you can transport yourself with ease around the city, to the beach, work, and to anywhere your heart desires. The Wave eBike can tackle sand, grass, dirt, or pavement. It’s a full-package, sustainable transportation solution. For more information, visit

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