The Newt Gingrich Surge is Not an Overnight Sensation

By Ed Farnan, USDR Contributor

With the Iowa GOP caucuses just weeks away and a rash of primaries following on its heels, Newt Gingrich has slowly but surely risen in the polls. The latest samplings show him to be in the lead or tied for the lead with Cain and Romney.

Gingrich has likened his campaign race to the tortoise and the hare, which is a good analogy, as his poll numbers had never previously surged. But his popularity edged up a couple of points here and there, especially after GOP debates, where he was able to demonstrate his mastery of issues on almost every subject important toAmerica.

Another secret to his popularity has been his honor of President Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment, to never speak negatively towards his fellow Republicans.  Although the press has tried to egg him and his fellow candidates into verbal fisticuffs, Newt has not fallen into that trap and has benefited from staying above the fray. He appears to be the voice of reason on the stage, the elder statesmen among the candidates.

For a couple of years before he announced his candidacy, Newt Gingrich was making the rounds of  talk shows, writing books and doing all of the “right” things in order to lay the groundwork for a run at the Presidency. A low key but well planned strategy that seems to have laid a solid foundation for where he sits today, among the frontrunners.

His campaign theme and his personal style have been based on solutions to the many problems facing our country.  Newt seems to have a well thought out solution to every problem facingAmerica. Newt will still lay the blame for our country’s woes on Obama’s doorstep if deserved, but almost always offers a real plan to get us out of the difficulty.  His direct clear style of speaking resonates with the GOP base.

But is America ready for a “Passionate Conservative” as President? One of the main sticking points on the Gingrich resume’ was his unfaithfulness while married to wives 1-2.

Gingrich claimed in an oblique sort of way, that passion for his country lead him to passion in other areas of his life.  This is an area of Newt’s past which will cause him problems. He should address it forthrightly, admit he erred and point out his successful loving relationship with his current wife, Calista.

If he was a liberal, the philandering wouldn’t even create a yawn in the press or his electorate. But Gingrich is a conservative and in the eyes of the main stream media he will be judged by a higher standard.

Newt Gingrich has written about 30 books and served in Congress as Speaker of the House.  While Speaker he crafted Contract With America, a series of bold promises toAmericawhich helped bring a balanced budget and booming economy to our country.  He basically dragged President Clinton out of being a tax and spender into a balanced budget President.  Gingrich was a tough leader and knew how to get things done.  His name is on thousands of bills, some great achievements in legislation, some controversial.

A non-lawyer, Gingrich is a brilliant historian, having been a history professor in his civilian life. He is a policy wonk, who knows how to balance a budget and with his razor keen wit,  a formidable opponent in any debate.

His brilliance would lead the country out of the mess we are in. It will be interesting to see ifAmericais ready to leave its malaise and have a passionate conservative as their next leader.

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