The Quad Student Housing Community Opens its Doors for Occupancy in 2017


Over the past several months, construction of six-storey buildings has taken place near York University Campus. Set in the corner of The Pond Road and Sentinel Road, the beautiful student housing complex, commonly known as The Quad, is set to open just in time for Fall 2017 academic semester. This new high quality student complex that accommodates over 800 beds, was brought about by a partnership between York University and FCS Development Corp (a private Canadian developer). The new facility will take the entire student housing of York University by  storm.

The facility boasts modern style suites, game rooms, fitness centers, outdoor courtyards, beautiful sidewalks and many other attractive amenities. A number of businesses will be opened on the ground floor to allow students living in campus access restaurants, dentists, hair salons and more. York students are said to benefit more since only they are allowed to rent any of the  units.

This project is said to deliver one of the highest quality student housing to York University students very close to their classrooms. With the increase in enrollments every year, The Quad will provide another housing option on campus. Many of the students who were forced to find housing off campus can now enjoy a pleasant and comfortable housing complex at The Quad. On top of that, this facility is strategically located close to nearby attractions and entertainment spots. Foreign students and locals can enjoy the famous YorkFest Festival Village, homecoming events at the university and the multicultural  week.

The new facility is certainly an upgrade from any other housing complexes in York University. A modern laundry room with state of the art washing machines and dryers will definitely make it more convenient for students living at The Quad. The numerous lounge areas in the complex make it very cozy and students can finally feel at  home.

There are also 24-hour break out rooms within The Quad created for students to study alone or with a group of friends. There’s 24/7 security so students can have peace of mind wherever they choose to study or relax with their friends within the facility. The facility also boasts landscaped plazas, beautiful walkways for pedestrians and accessible location right next to Keele  Campus.

Every suite at The Quad will come fully furnished with high speed Internet, private kitchenettes, access to the gym and lounges, gas and water supply. The complete student packaged facility comes with adequate bike storage, large communal areas on each floor and business premises where you can get the food and services you need without having to leave campus. Rooms are secured using electronic locks with NFC smart phone automation so you can be guaranteed that your valuables will remain  safe.

Once complete, The Quad student housing community will provide comfortable, quiet and spacious modern housing for York University students. For those interested in the opening of this facility, you may get in touch with the management to apply in 2016 just in time for the official opening in  2017.

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