The Scams in the Intelligence Systems Support Industry Get Exposed

By  Surveillance Today, Special for   USDR

Surveillance Today goes public with an in-depth exposé of fraud in the Intelligence Systems Support industry: “spyware” vendors caught selling “air ware” and other products that do not work as claimed, even faking product demos to delude  buyers.

Products covered in the analysis include malware, lawful intercept, mobile location, advanced analytics, military intelligence and pre-crime solutions – plus empty metal boxes sold by ISS vendors as “bomb detection” devices. Companies involved in the scandal are located in Dubai, Germany, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. The analysis is available in full to all visitors – today only, at

Surveillance Today debuts at a time of heightened concern over terrorist attacks by ISIS, Boko Haram, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, the New IRA and other violent non-state actors. Independent sources cite 389 terrorist attacks worldwide in 20151. With more than 300 documented incidents in the current year-to-date including attacks in Brussels, Lahore and Baghdad, acts of terrorist violence are on track to triple during 20162. Such attacks can be preempted with the help of legitimate ISS solutions that reveal the plans, identities and extended networks of terrorist  organizations.

Assisting in that mission, Surveillance Today meets the need for clear assessment of surveillance and evidence-gathering solutions – systems that are not addressed by conventional technology analyst organizations. Topics covered include but are not limited  to:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Pre-Crime
  • Deep Packet Inspection and IP Flow Monitoring
  • Deep Web Monitoring
  • Encryption, Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
  • Ethical Malware
  • Forensics
  • Geofencing
  • Hardware Accelerators – Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)
  • Lawful Intercept Mediation, Probe and Cloud Solutions
  • Military Apps: CIDNE, DCGS, Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR), LIDAR
  • Mobile Location – Active & Passive, Network and Wi/Fi, 2G, LTE and Future 5G
  • Network Functions Virtualization
  • Records Production for Subpoenas and Court Orders
  • Real Time Predictive Analytics and Visualization
  • RF Monitoring/Jamming and Direction Finding
  • Semantic Text Analysis
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Tactical and Strategic SATCOM Monitoring
  • Voice Biometrics for Surveillance and Multifactor Authentication
  • Zero Day Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Annual membership in Surveillance Today is offered at U.S. $900, payable by credit card or Bitcoin, and fully refundable for any reason in the first 30 days of membership. As a public service: Through June 17, 2016, lifetime membership in Surveillance Todayis free to qualified law enforcement, government and military intelligence  officials.

About Surveillance  Today

Surveillance Today is an independent, members-only information resource providing objective analysis of Intelligence Support Systems. The publication reviews the full range of advanced technology solutions used by law enforcement, government and military intelligence to combat terrorism and crime. Surveillance Today is not affiliated with any ISS vendor, trade association, industry conference, government or other state or national agency or organization. To ensure complete objectivity, Surveillance Today does not accept advertising, contributed content or any compensation other than membership  fees.

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