The Smart Way to Go for Luxury Trips


Going on a luxury vacation certainly sounds like a good idea for most people. However, footing the bill for a trip to a luxury destination does not sound as appealing. The good news is that there are a number of easy-to-implement tips and tricks for lowering the overall cost of a luxury vacation. We list a few of them  here.

Stay Loyal to a Specific Luxury Hotel  Brand

You stand to make considerable savings by using one luxury hotel brand, such as Hyatt or Marriott, for your luxury vacations. Recurrent customers who take part in loyalty programs for luxury hotel brands are rewarded with perks such as free nights at the hotel, free breakfast, and even free valet parking among other  freebies.

Loyalty programs are not limited to large hotel chains; they are also available at hotels that are owned independently for travelers who frequent the same luxury destination. Just make sure you stay in the same hotel when you visit the destination  again.

Staying in the same luxury properties during your subsequent luxury travel trips can earn you perks such as upgrades to better suites, free airport transfers, and fully-stocked fridges in your room. Added up over time, these freebies are worth thousands of  dollars.

Redeem Points Earned on Credit Cards at Luxury Hotel or Resort  Chains

Every time you use your credit cards to purchase goods or services, you earn points. In addition to being redeemable for tickets at specific airlines, the credit card points can in some cases be redeemed for free stays at given luxury hotels or resorts. For example, card users who have earned points on Chase Ultimate Rewards cards can redeem them for stays at Ritz-Carlton properties anywhere in the  world.

Don’t Travel During the Peak  Seasons

Rates are usually slashed at luxury hotels and resorts during low seasons when travelers are few. Smart travelers take advantage of these lowered  prices.

For instance, you will pay expensive rates at hotels and hiked prices at stores if you visit Amalfi Coast in Italy in August. On the other hand, visit the same region in the mild weather of October and you’re sure to get rates that are up to fifty percent lower compared to the peak season  rates.

Go for Package Tours When Visiting Several Cities or Exotic  Destinations

You might not encounter any difficulties when planning for a luxury vacation to popular cities or prime destinations, such as Maldives, without the help of a luxury tour provider. On the other hand, if you going for a multicity trip (e.g. visiting Eastern Bloc capital cities) or are looking for a luxury vacation at less popular countries such as Iran, you might not be able to handle the logistics on your  own.

For such trips, you’re better off using a tour service, such as Abercrombie & Kent, that provides dedicated luxury tours. Whether you go for a private trip or a group package, these tour services can get you the best rates via their  contacts.


Maggie Thomas is a travel lover and blogger who is constantly looking for an exhilarating and breathtaking adventure. Among the luxury travel advice she provides her readers with are tips on choosing the best luxury hotels and  resorts.

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