The Special Bond Between Fathers and Daughters


When Connie Rankin set out to interview nine women who had overcome tremendous odds to be successful, she did not anticipate how large a role the women’s fathers had played in the strong women they had become. Rankin’s interviews which appear in her new book, God Gave Us Wings: A Journey to Success: Theirs, Mine, and Yours (Morgan James), provide perfect fodder for discussions centered on fathers and daughters for Father’s Day. She says, “Fathers are crucial to their children’s emotional well-being because children base their foundational ideas about how to relate to others and what to consider acceptable and loving in future relationships on this primary  relationship.”

In the book, which has already reached Amazon #1 Best-Seller lists in the Christian Business and Professional Growth categories, Rankin also tells her own story in which she was able to use her friends’ fathers as role models after her own father abandoned her. She points out that many men quite capably fill the role of fathers without being biologically related to the young girls they  influence.

An inspiring guest, Rankin can talk  about:

  • How Oprah Winfrey’s father nurtured her reading habit and provided calm in her chaotic life.
  • The life challenge Laotian girl Keo Chan accepted from her father that shaped her life.
  • How Deborah Duncan’s African American military father showed her that he loved her without ever uttering those words; his actions spoke louder than words.
  • Italian American Donna Vallone’s father led by example, encouraging her to volunteer and attend college.
  • What Rankin learned from childhood friends’ fathers that helped her overcome childhood injury and even homelessness to become a commercial realtor, entrepreneur and founder of Bridge Literacy Now, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of women and children.

Credentials: A nationally recognized leader in female empowerment and sought-after media guest in Houston, Rankin is president of CRES, a commercial real estate firm. She has appeared on CBS, Fox 26 News, and on the cover of Business Today  magazine.

SOURCE Connie  Rankin

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