The Top 1,000 Public High Schools in America

By US Daily Review.

Newsweek magazine’s definitive list of the 1000 top public high schools in America hits newsstands Monday. Measuring data such as percent of graduates accepted to college, AP / IB tests per student and average SAT scores, Newsweek reveals that of the top 1000, 138 of the schools are in California, 118 in New York, 86 in Texas and 74 in New Jersey.

“Newsweek has produced this list for more than a decade, in the process we’ve become the leader in evaluating America’s best public high schools. Education is one of the public’s top concerns and this year we’ve seen that many schools are triumphing with very limited funds and resources. We’ve expanded the list from 500 to 1,000 making our 2012 study more comprehensive than ever,” said Mark Miller, Director of Editorial Operations for Newsweek.

The issue hits newsstands Monday 21st May.

The top ten schools in the country;

1 The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science Bowling Green KY
2 The School for the Talented and Gifted Magnet Dallas TX
3 Basis Scottsdale Scottsdale AZ
4 School of Science and Engineering Magnet Dallas TX
5 Basis Tucson Tucson AZ
6 Jefferson County International Baccalaureate School Birmingham AL
7 Signature School Evansville IN
8 Stanton College Preparatory School Jacksonville FL
9 Suncoast Community Riviera Beach FL
10 Thomas Jefferson for Science and Technology Alexandria VA

The 2012 ranking highlights the best 1,000 public high schools in the nation – the ones that have proven to be the most effective in turning out college-ready grads. The list is based on six components provided by school administrators: graduation rate (25 percent), college matriculation rate (25 percent), AP/IB/AICE tests taken per student (25 percent), average SAT/ACT scores (10 percent), average AP/IB/AICE scores (10 percent), and AP courses offered per student(5 percent).

The full list & methodology can be found here:

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