The Top 5 Cheapest Fully Accredited Online Universities

Education has become one of the keys to open doors especially in a generation where everything has become digitalized. As it has been said often, education is power and enablement to do things which could not be done. In a bid to ensure everyone gets the education, there has been a rise of many institutions that offer some training programs to people.

Some institutions have you in their plan hence they charge cheaply and ensure the quality of education is good. Besides, they offer quality factors like graduation rate, freshman retention, payment, the number of their degree programs, reputation from its employees, the level of online technology, and published rankings among others. Here are some of the online universities that are cheap and accredited.

Top 5 Accredited Online Universities

  1. Brigham Young University – Idaho

This awesome university has its location at Rexburg Idaho and is a home of over 17,500 LDS and non-LDS students. The university is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) who consequently operates it.

This is one of the fully accredited online universities that have been offering education at very low cost yet offering quality education. It has 6 associate degrees, 13 certificate programs, and 13 Bachelor degrees. You will only pay $3,830 for tuition.

  1. The University of Texas

Having its location at Permian Basin, UT has turned out to be one of the fastest growing research universities across the globe. It has been on ground since 1973 when it was established by Bill Noel.

It has been ranked as 92nd university best in bachelor degrees and the 37th best public university schools. Being a home of 6,050 students, it offers 19 degrees and even Master degrees in Criminal Justice, and Psychology among others. You pay $5,250 for tuition.

  1. Great Basin College

When it comes to fully accredited online universities, it becomes hard to forget this state-funded institution. has named this college as best online college because of its affordability. It offers 13 associate degrees, 7 bachelors and 10 cert. programs to all their online students. It is a home of more than 3,400 students. You will pay only $2,805 for your tuition.

  1. Western Governors University (WGU)

With its base at Salt Lake City in Utah, this university has affiliated to other 6 schools and is known to be a home of over 76,200 students. Most of the students who have attended this institution are proud recommending to their friends as the best university.

In fact, ranked this private and non-profit making institution at number 33 in America. You will pay $6,070 as tuition fee for the various degrees they offer.

  1. Thomas Edison State University (TESU)

Closing our top 5 is TESU which offers over 55 degrees to its over 18,500 students. It is one of the fully accredited online universities by MSCHE. It is known to be excellent in causes like accounting, nursing, Homeland security, Master’s in Hospitality and even Doctor in Nursing. You only pay $6,135 for tuition.


There are many universities and colleges in the United States offering online programs but you should go for only the fully accredited online universities. The above are the top online institutions that are cheap and offer quality education.

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