The vital role of education in the future of job creation


Education plays a crucial role in the creation and maintenance of jobs and industry, from teaching children in school to training new employees; this ensures that aspects of various industries can be taught throughout a student’s life, and that generations grow up learning certain skills as second nature. This changing face of education is vital if companies want to keep up to  date.

The changing face of education

It is now essential that schools teach a varied program of subjects; science, computer technology, further mathematics and creative subjects are among those that are vital to future US economic success, better preparing pupils for career success and allowing them to focus on more specialized subjects. Urgent work must be done to improve students’ skills and better prepare them for work, particularly in key areas of economic  growth.

Creative industries, including film and television, journalism, online media, and music, are a particular driving force in America’s economy. US talent can be found around the world, and it is essential that dedicated professionals should remain in all areas. Technology is also important, particularly in light of the growth of the Internet, social media, and online commerce. Young children are now taught coding and practical computing, meaning they are far better prepared to specialize as their education  progresses.

While science has long existed on the curriculum, there is so much left to discover and learn. From aeronautics to deep-sea exploration, and chemistry to biomedicine and beyond, we are constantly striving to find out more about the world around us, and improve our quality of  life.

The importance of inspiration

Inspiration, often provided by those in the public eye, is also key to education and job creation, reaching out to students and inspiring them to take certain paths. The influence of entrepreneurs and philanthropists is vital to academic bodies being able to offer a wide range of subjects. Robert Rosenkranz, a graduate of Yale and Harvard Law School, has made considerable donations to the US education system to ensure that its students are inspired, and prepared for the world of work. His involvement has been integral in the creation of the Intelligence Squared debates, which encourage questioning and intelligent discussion among children, and he has made considerable donations to  Yale.

The subjects taught, and the methods used to teach them, are vital to America’s future economic success. The school system is essential for inspiring students; it can help children to decide what they want to do, and inspire them to make changes to the  world.

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