The World’s Fastest Laptop for Trading?

By EZ Trading, Special for  USDR

In their relentless effort to provide traders with the ultimate power and speed, EZ Trading Computers has created an even more diverse line of laptops than ever before. The new, fully custom, Voyager EZ Trading Laptop is the world’s fastest laptop for  trading.

With the Intel’s latest Haswell Core i7-4790 processor and up to 32GB RAM, the Voyager’s unparalleled power and speed positions it as the most desirable trading laptop in the world. The Voyagers features are built and tested to deliver a quality experience in any situation. Its High Definition resolution and Nvidia graphics processor deliver a super sharp display that is ideal for viewing charts and market data. No detail goes unnoticed in this custom laptop – right down to its convenient backlit keyboard. This new model in EZ Trading Computers line of laptops allows day and swing traders to maximize their trading experience while away from  homebase.

“Nearly 99% of the laptops currently on the market are underpowered for trading. Traders buying off the shelf laptops will suffer with slow, stale data and poor trade executions. This model is essentially a powerful ‘NFL linebacker’ in ‘super model’ body. The Voyager is very fast and powerful – yet sleek and light,” said EZ Trading Computer’s COO, Russ Hazelcorn, who is also known as Eddie  Z.

“Our mission is to continuously supply our clients with the best technology suited for trading. All too often traders get pulled into buying off the shelf computers. This is an issue. Trading on an underpowered computer opens up Traders to a massive amount of risk. Even a few micro-seconds delay in data can cost traders thousands. With the right technology, traders don’t have to deal with this. The Voyager has a lot of muscle. It can take on real time data, complicated algorithms, and tons of indicators without the slightest chance of delay or slippage,” explained Eddie  Z.

About EZ Trading  Computers:
EZ Trading Computers is a leading trading computer hardware company offering a one-stop shop for traders looking for the ultimate trading system. The company specializes in super low prices, unique payment plans and extra long product warranties.  The company has several programs where traders can actually get their computers for free via rebates.  The company has built custom trading computers and complete trading system setups for forex traders, stock traders, futures traders, day traders, private equity funds, as well as hedge funds.  To find out more about EZ Trading Computers, visit

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