Things You Should Know as a Freshman

College is the one place you don’t was to go unprepared. It is nowhere near being attacked by a bear. With a bear, you at least know what to expect. However, in college, it is a different ball game. Many articles concerning how to survive as a freshman on term paper writing will give you ways to make the start of your college life smooth. We will explore some of the tips that you should be aware of as you join college.

Not a normal breakfast

At this stage, you are going to learn how vital a microwave can be. You will notice that you don’t have time to make your normal breakfast and are forced to settle for a quick fix. One of the easiest is making some scrambled eggs using a microwave. It will only take you like a minute to prepare.

You don’t need to Buy Textbooks

With the many available copies of books online and well-stocked libraries, it would be unwise to buy textbooks. Most libraries allow students to borrow books for a predefined duration, which gives you the flexibility to use the books at your preferred locations and time.


It won’t hurt you to make several tours around the school before you officially join. Get to know your way around, which might save you from getting lost when the session starts. 

Early registration

There is nothing as stressful as the last-minute rush during registration. Sone on the general courses are on-demand and, at times, have limited space, which you might miss out if you come among the last ones to register. 

Have a souvenir to deal with homesickness 

A change of environment can be hard at times. You might find yourself missing home and having a hard time adjusting to the new surroundings. Having some familiar items might help with making it easier to adjust. You also would want to consider doing some activities that you used to do at home. For instance, if you enjoyed a bike ride at home, you might also want to consider doing some rounds on campus.

Do not overpack

Colleges do not have a strict dress code, and most of the time, casual ware takes the day. The anxiety of joining college and the lack of knowledge of the acceptable and trendy dressing might tempt you to pack too much. Please keep it simple and only carry the essentials. 

The perfect power nap

Sleep is one of the pastime activities that college students love. Avoid getting carried away and having long naps. An Ideal power nap should last approximately 20 minutes, which will leave you refreshed. A nap longer than 20 minutes will only result in the body going deep into sleep, and you will wake up feeling tired and even groggy.

Keep tabs of the college social media accounts

Social media is one of the best ways the get updated on ongoing and upcoming events in college. Make a step of following the key campus pages. It will also enhance your interaction with classmates and other like-minded college mates.

Make friends

You will save yourself a lot of frustration with a couple of friends in your class. Start by getting to know your desk mate. It will go a long way in helping you answer some of your questions and get help if you miss a lecture.

Budget your money

College life can get extravagant attributed to some of the posh lifestyles you will find on campus. Keep yourself out of financial trouble by making a reasonable budget that will last you through campus. You don’t need a complicated budget as long as you appropriately allocate your money to the essential stuff.


Going to college might seem like a normal thing, but I could take a toll on you if you are not well informed. The above tips are some of the ways you can make your life easy. The best way to save yourself a lot of trouble is to make several friends and learn some of the trends and campus culture. Good luck with your freshman year.

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