Tips for Preventing Ingrown Hairs Naturally and Effectively


The more that you shave any part of your body, the more that you will be prone to ingrown hairs and blemishes. That could mean that you deal with the occasional skin bump on your check if you have a healthily sized beard, or a litany of ingrown hairs on your chin if you like to keep a clean, close shave. Skin bumps and ingrown hairs aren’t just distracting visually, they can lead to infections as well. In addition to generously applying the best shaving cream to your face before applying a razor, here are some basic ways that you can treat your skin for ingrown hairs and prevent them from popping up in the first  place.

Exfoliate the Skin on Your Face

The skin on your face and body sheds a lot, much more than can be seen with your eyes. By exfoliating your face, you can gently wash away all of the dead skin cells that might collect there and cause complications with shaving. In addition, exfoliating your face will help you to get a much closer shave, and your facial hairs will have an easier time breaking the surface as they slowly grow after being cut. You don’t want to exfoliate on a daily basis or use harsh products that are intended for the body, but following a gentle exfoliation regime will cause you to experience fewer instances of painful ingrown  hairs.

Use a Hot Towel to Soften Your Facial  Hair

If you shave your face a lot, the skin there can get tough and dry. The act of drawing a razor over a patch of stubbly facial hair can irritate the follicle, causing the area to swell and become inflamed. As a result, the hairs growing on your face may become more prone to curling up and growing in different directions rather than straight up and out. Soak a towel in water as hot as you can stand it and treat yourself to a relaxing steam treatment that will make the hair on your face softer and much easier to shave. You’ll get a smoother shave in the end with fewer nicks, and your face will feel buttery soft for days  longer.

Shave with a Sharp  Blade

Using a dull blade is a major no-no, regardless of what you intend to shave. Using a dull blade is probably the leading cause of ingrown hair, and yet many people have no idea that they are using faulty shaving tools. When using a disposable blade on your face, you might get one or two shaves before it needs to be discarded. Electric razors should be cleaned thoroughly between uses and the blades checked to ensure that there are no blockages. A straight razor is the best tool that you can use to get a smooth shave, but it needs to be in the hands of a professional and sharpened regularly to avoid cuts and  infection.

Some guys have to shave every day for their jobs while others are all but too happy to grow out their beards to monstrous proportions. In either case, there will eventually be razor blades running across the surface of your skin, whether to administer a close shave or neatly trim things up. Learn how to prevent ingrown hairs so that you feel confident about grooming yourself and look your very  best.

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