Tips for Smooth Winter Travel

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The winter travel season is upon us and Air Canada is offering tips to ensure a smooth travel experience. For the latest operational information, customers are invited to visit, follow @AirCanada on Twitter and Facebook, and sign up for specific flight notification alerts. All the information on what to expect and do in case of flight disruptions is available at To see how Air Canada prepares for winter, and what is done behind the scenes to get customers on their way safely during weather disruptions, go to



Flight status and Travel updates online
Daily operational news is available in the Daily Travel Outlook of the Travel Updates section on the home page at Before leaving for the airport customers should check the status of their flights on, or on an internet-enabled mobile device at, or by calling the toll free Air Canada flight status line at 1-888-422-7533; TTY (Hearing Impaired): 1-800-361-8071.



Flight notification
Air Canada customers can receive flight delay and cancellation information directly on their mobile devices or via e-mail. To register or for more information, simply visit:

Web check-in at



Air Canada customers can save time by checking in before leaving for the airport 24 hours prior to departure time at Customers may also change their seat assignment and select the number of checked baggage.



Mobile check-in on your mobile device
Mobile check-in can be accessed through by clicking on the check-in option on a mobile device. To learn more go to:



Apps for Android, Blackberry (including Blackberry BB10) and iPhone make it convenient for travellers with mobile devices to retrieve electronic boarding passes, track flight information in real-time, receive notification of itinerary changes and obtain other details about Air Canada flights. Apps are available free on-line from Air Canada’s mobile site



Self-service rebooking tool
In the event of flight disruptions that may be caused by bad weather, customers are invited to rebook themselves using Air Canada’s self-service rebooking tool available on or their mobile device.



Electronic boarding pass
For mobile, web check-in and kiosks, customers can choose to receive via email or SMS an electronic version of the boarding pass on their mobile devices. It can be used for domestic flights, for flights from the US to Canada, as well as international flights departing from Canada. To learn more:

Recommended check-in times during the winter travel season
During peak travel days, Air Canada recommends that customers arrive early at the airport to avoid problems associated with holiday congestion. Information on check-in times during the peak holiday travel period are available at:



Recommended domestic check-in time 90 minutes prior to departure with cut off time for flights within Canada now 45 minutes prior to departure.

Customers are reminded to ensure that all their valuables including electronics, documentation, medication, car keys, money, etc., are with them or in their in carry-on bags and NOT their checked bags.



The carry-on baggage allowance is one standard article 23cm x 40cm x 55cm weighing a maximum of 10 kg, and one personal article 16cm x 33cm x 43cm weighing a maximum of 10 kg. More information is available at: Passengers who exceed their allowance will be required to check their carry-on baggage, and additional checked baggage charges may apply.

Information on checked baggage allowance is available at:



Air Canada recommends the use of a small, umbrella type stroller as facilities are not designed to accommodate larger, heavy strollers. Collapsible strollers may be checked at the gate and will be delivered to you at the aircraft door. Details of the stroller policy are available at:

Sporting Equipment



Customers can pre-register their sporting equipment on, up to 24 hours prior to departure. Some sporting equipment is entitled to a waiver of oversize and/or additional piece charges. Details are available at:



External and internal name tags
As external baggage name tags sometimes become detached, Air Canada recommends that passengers place identification INSIDE their bag. A baggage ID template is available at:

Security measures for carry-on luggage



Government regulations stipulate customers can only carry on a limited amount of liquid, gel and aerosol items through passenger screening points.  The quantity of liquids, gels and aerosols permitted is 100ml/100g (3.4 oz) per article or smaller. Larger containers must be placed in checked luggage.



For more information, please consult the following official web sites:
Transport Canada at
Canadian Air Transport Security Agency (CATSA) 
USA Transportation Security Administration at
British Airports Authorities at

All international travel requires a valid passport and in some cases other documentation, such as visas, essential to enter the country of destination.  Domestic travel requires government-issued photo identification that includes date of birth and gender for all passengers 18 years of age and older. Government regulations require that the name provided in the flight reservation be exactly the same as it appears in the travel documentation.  More information is available at



Children travelling outside of Canada with one parent may require legal documentation proving the other parent or guardian’s consent that the child may leave the country. Consult the Embassy or Consulate of the countries the child will be visiting and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade at 1-800-267-8376 to determine if such documentation is necessary.

Air Canada encourages customers to complete any travel information form ahead of time at




The United States requires that travellers provide additional Secure Flight information at least 72 hours before their flight or at time of booking. Please note that this requirement applies to many international flights which are deemed to over fly the US. For more information please consult

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