Tips On Choosing The Right Waist Trainer For Your Body


Just like a medicine won’t be of much help unless taken at the right time and in right volume, the tremendous advantages of waist trainers shall also get nullified if not matched with body type. Initially associated to a large extent with period dramas, the waist trainers are being used at an increasing scale to help ladies all over the globe attain that perfect hour glass figure with a tiny waist line accentuating her assets. Today we shall share some important tips which will help you find The Perfect Waist Trainer which shall fit you like a dream and ease up your weight loosing  process.

  • Measurement  matters

You need to measure your upper hips, waist and bust area before zeroing on that waist training corset. In case you wish to opt for an over-bust corset, you will also need to measure the fullest part of your bust. Widest part of your hips need not be measured as the corset will not come down to such lengths. Being accurate while measuring the same will save both time and  money.

  • Getting it  right

While wrapping the tape around yourself make sure to keep it a bit relaxed. No slack should be left in the tape however creating a crease or indent by pulling the tape too tightly is a strict  no-no.

  • Size  Chart

The size of your waist training corset is directly proportional with the amount of weight you need to loose. Women using the waist trainers can easily lose 4-7 inches with regular use. Thus if your waist size is 28”, then 23” will be the perfect fit for you. In case you are purchasing the corset for a one time wear in special occasions like weddings, then you should go for a corset which takes off only a couple inches from your waistline without being too uncomfortable. Thus a 25” is recommended for the 28” ladies in this  case.

  • Corset  Length

Just like any other garment, the length of your waist trainer shall also depend upon your torso length. However practicality and style also having a bearing upon your corset shape. For example ashort corset is easy to carry around with day to day chores. However The same could induce the risk of bringing forward an unsightly bulge between your jeans and corset bottom  line.

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  • Bust  Line

Comfort plays a big role in determining the choice between the over and under bust corsets. For first timers, under bust corsets might be much more comfortable to carry around. Over bust ones are perfect for sporting those strapless dresses whereas under bust ones go well at ease with everyday  wear.

  • Boning  Things

The bones form a very important part of the waist trainer by imparting to its overall strength. In lower end corsets, the bones are usually made up of plastic materials. However steel bones are a better option and come with flat and spiralled variations. Flat steel bones bring in rigidity whereas the spiral ones fit beautifully with one’s body shape. The waist trainer’s capability is directly proportional to the number of bones embedded therewith. A minimum of 20 bones are a must have in corsets promising posture  support.

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You need to consider the above factors before buying the Waist Training Corset and weight loss will surely follow  suit.

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