Tips to Choosing a Property Management Company

Investors are always looking for an opportunity to purchase properties in cities that are economically sound. In case you’ve bought a rental home in a state other than yours, managing it on your own may be such a task. That’s why you need to get a trustworthy and responsible property  manager.

Finding a company that collects your rent and other types of fees on your behalf, does maintenance, and addresses your client’s needs can be a great relief. However, it depends on the type of manager you get. A wrong property management company can be frustrating. Here are tips for choosing the right  manager.


The best method of finding a reputable and trustworthy property management company is by referrals. You can get this information from the previous owner of the home or your real estate agent. If you also have friends or relatives with properties in the same area, they could be great  resources.

Remember to check with the Better Business Bureau and the Real Estate Commission of your state. See whether the two organizations have any complaints against your prospective property management company. Also, find out if the manager is licensed. Make your own list of the referrals and interview each one of  them.

References and  Qualifications

If you can’t find referrals or just want to be sure, do your own research. Search for the property management companies that are within your rental area and write them down. You may also consider getting an expert to help in the research process. As a landlord, look for companies that have the capacity to meet all your needs like Hostmaker  Barcelona.


While it may be good to set a budget, settling with a company that has the lowest rates isn’t wise. Most of the time, such companies may lack the caliber of services you really need or they may compromise the quality. Not every property manager is the same. Therefore, find out why some offer their services at lower rates as compared to  others.


You can only find a bit of information about a company by searching their website or reviews. Meeting their representatives and asking them questions about what they do can enlighten you more. Do not fear to ask anything. Let your questions be specific and as comprehensive as possible. Here are some things you can  ask:

  •         How long has your company been in existence?
  •         How many properties does your company manage?
  •         In case tenants fail to pay their rent, what do you do?
  •         Do you give written reports to landlords?
  •         When do you usually pay rents to landlords?
  •         How long can it take you to find tenants for my house?

Choose the Company You’re Comfortable  With

Sometimes, a company may look great on paper but might not be suitable for you.  It’s good to trust your instincts in such cases. Only choose a property manager that you feel you’re absolutely comfortable working  with.


Since a property management company can either make or break your real estate investment, you must be thorough in making your choices. Whether it’s doing your own research, getting referrals, or interviewing each prospective manager, never make any  assumptions.  

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