Tips to Harness the Power of Humor as a Blogger


Perhaps the most appealing aspect of a blog is the human face, or at least the personality it presents to the reader, and as such, making a reader smile or laugh with your words is key to blogging success. Everyone loves to laugh, and readers will seek out any blog that can make them do this, so learn to harness the power of humor to make you a blogging  success.


Why try humor as a marketing  tool?

If you want to reach a wider audience as a blogger, then you need to offer them something worth their while. While this usually involves great content – content that informs, educates, or improves part of their life – it can also mean engaging with them as a personality rather than a business or corporate entity. The easiest way to achieve this is often through humor, which many people find to be a great persuader. What can humor in a blog achieve? Well, it can help to build a rapport with readers, for when people laugh together, any sense of exclusion disappears and comfort enters into the relationship between blogger and reader. Using humor also means that you can take your readers with you wherever you want to go because you have already established a sense of trust. Humor means that readers are more likely to stop resisting whatever it is you are talking about. Any blogger offering a post that is even slightly humorous is more likely to be followed than someone who is offering no kind of personality at  all.

How can you add humor to your blog posts, especially if you do not think you are a particularly funny person? Fortunately, for even the most unfunny of people, there are simple ways to add a dash of humor to blog posts. Exaggeration is a great way to make posts funny, perhaps not laugh-out-loud funny, but smile-inducing funny. For example, you can take a true story and exaggerate elements of it so that it becomes funny because it is so outrageous – and there is no need to worry that your readers will take you at your word; they will  understand.

You could also try using metaphors in your posts. Metaphors help to conjure up images and thereby stick in the mind, so you could try using a metaphor that is completely original and relevant to you. Using metaphors also proves that you have a bit of imagination – never a bad thing in a  blogger.

You could be a little bit controversial in your humor and introduce elements of sarcasm. Be careful about doing this, however, as it is very easy to cause offence. Be gently sarcastic, such as saying that a man who has a net worth of $7.8 billion is a suitable choice for Lindsay Lohan’s fiancé. Such a comment may raise a knowing eyebrow but is unlikely to cause outright offence because the accusation is not explicit. Gentle digs like these also help to show that you are not trying to be all things to all people and keep things safe, but rather a blogger with their own distinct personality. The key to getting the degree of sarcasm right with your blog is to know your audience inside out, and you can do this by keeping an eye on the comments left by your readers. It is possible that if your sarcasm gets a little too harsh, you may lose readers, but it is also possible that you will gain new ones who see your blog as being a little edgier than  others.

Self-deprecating humor usually goes down well with readers. It creates an idea of humility and explodes any notion that you may be arrogant. Readers do not like bloggers who think they are the greatest thing since the last greatest thing, so a little self-deprecating humor presents a personality that a reader can relate to, even if you are subtly poking fun at something they may be guilty of  too.

Many of the greatest comedians use observational comedy to make people laugh, and you can too. This kind of humor is great for sharing because it takes situations that most people have found themselves in and can therefore relate to. Keep your observational humor to your own industry to focus your blog  posts.

When you are a blogger, you have to appreciate that you are putting in a performance designed to entertain your audience. Using humor is perhaps the best way to connect with your audience and thereby increase your marketing  successes.

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