To Black Friday and Beyond!

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By Experian, Special for  USDR

As more and more consumers engage in social media, brands need to invest more time in understanding how their current customers and prospects interact on this growing channel. To help address this need, Experian Marketing Services has teamed with SpotRight to provide brands with actionable insight into the social media behavior of their customers. Social Media Analysis is a new visualization tool that enables marketers to better understand the social influence, brand behavior, following activity, competitor overlap and rich demographic information of their target  audiences.

Social Media Analysis leverages Experian’s consumer demographic and lifestyle data, as well as SpotRight’s social media relationships, to help marketers paint a rich and full picture of their target audiences. Additionally, marketers can gain insight into any audience, including a custom digital audience (a brand’s or competitor’s social following, hashtags, etc.), first-party CRM data or an audience defined through Experian® third-party  data.