Top 10 Things Teachers Look Forward to When Heading Back to School

By Meemic Insurance Company, Special for  USDR

Grab your backpacks, notebooks, pencils and pens. School is back in session! The Meemic Foundation, a non-profit organization created by Meemic Insurance Company, has published its official top ten list of things teachers look forward to when heading back to school. After receiving answers from almost seven thousand teachers all across Ill., Mich. and Wis., Meemic was able to gather some of the most exciting things about heading back to school for teachers. The top answers are compiled  below:

  1. Meeting new students.
    A new school year means new faces, personalities and opportunities. Our favorite teachers are looking forward to taking on their new classrooms – while keeping the previous ones in mind, of course.
  2. Implementing new teaching strategies.
    Through life experiences, people tend to learn what works well and what might need a little adjusting. Teachers continue to their learning too and can’t wait to give their new tools a whirl.
  3. Incorporating technology into the classroom and its curriculum.
    Whether it’s with iPads, computers, software programs and more, the life of a student in the classroom is transforming along with our modern world. Teachers are now able to get their hands on technologies that increase student learning and engagement more than ever before.
  4. Creating opportunities for students to find success after graduation.
    One of the main worries of a teacher is that their students’ education stays with them once their schooling is completed. Teachers are looking forward to finding opportunities such as scholarships, internships and jobs for students to ensure success in their future endeavors.
  5. Piloting new student programs.
    New math curriculum, cooking classes, and writing workshops – you name it. Teachers are excited to involve students in the piloting of their new school programs that will expand on current curriculum and programs, allowing students to tap into something new they can get their hands on.
  6. Taking on the adventure that is the first year as a teacher or teaching a different grade level.
    Each year there are many teachers who are stepping foot into their first classroom or possibly changing things up completely by taking on a different age or grade level. Teachers in these new roles are looking forward to seeing where this year takes them in their educational journeys.
  7. Getting students involved outside of the classroom.
    Many teachers not only lead their classrooms, but Spanish Clubs, the football team, Quiz-Bowl and more. Teachers enhance student learning by leading them both inside and outside of the classroom.
  8. A clean slate.
    Much like new faces, a new year marks a freshly cleaned slate with the opportunity to achieve greatness.
  9. Hearing about all the exciting stories students bring back after summer vacation.
    For teachers that are anxious to see some friendly faces and return to their class from the year before, they can’t wait to hear all about summer vacations and the adventures of a life time.
  10. Tapping into the creative side of teaching.
    Anytime that a hands-on, creative learning opportunity comes about, it is important that teachers take it. Tapping into the creative side of learning often increases educational development and retention.

The ultimate back to school question was part of the application process for teachers who applied for the Back to School grant that The Meemic Foundation gave out to 1,500 grant recipients this year. For more information visit

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The Meemic Foundation for the Future of Education was created by Meemic Insurance Company in 1992. As a non-profit organization, the Foundation is dedicated to advancing the future of education by offering financial assistance to schools and educators. To date, the Foundation has had a tremendous impact on the educational community with over $2 million in grants given out to fund inspiring and effective initiatives. The Foundation looks to fund innovative programs, events or projects that will significantly enhance students’ classroom experiences in all educational settings including public, private, parochial and charter schools as well as colleges and universities. Over the years we have had the pleasure of providing funding to some of the most creative and passionate teachers in the world. Their stories inspire us to continue funding projects that affect a large number of students and support the educational communities that we proudly  serve.

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