Top 5 Best Attributes of a Great Sales Manager

sales manager making a presentation

You probably already know that a great salesperson can completely understand the sales process from start to finish. It’s also of utmost importance that salespersons are able to build a strong rapport of trust with clients and potential buyers, building customer value management. He or she must be vigilant about keeping contact with their buyers and push themselves to reach their goals.

However, sales managers are a bit different. A great manager of a sales team has to help the sales team set those goals and equip them with everything they need to reach success. Some managers are very involved with the day to day operations and some lead from afar. Here are the top 5 best attributes of a great sales manager that will help your team accomplish their goals.

  1. The Ability to Challenge, Motivate, and Inspire Growth

In order to be an effective sales manager, you must be able to challenge your sales team to do their very best. Think of yourself as a mentor, someone that is an experienced and trusted advisor. You should be someone that has a respectable work ethic that motivates your team to do more and someone that they can look to for honest, helpful direction to help them succeed.

  1. Adaptability

A sales manager will likely be leading a diverse team of salespeople with different skill levels, experience, and personalities. A great sales manager should be able to quickly adapt to new conditions and easily respond to changes in the sales industry. When dealing with people, you should get to know an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and be flexible in your leadership.

  1. Gravitas

One of the most important qualities of any manager is gravitas. When you can lead by example for your team, they will respect you and listen to your advice, recommendations, and feedback. A great sales manager should be dignified in their approach to the job, and take goals and accomplishments seriously, and exemplify passion and enthusiasm for the job. 

  1. Good Listening Skills

Active listening is an important part of any relationship, including the sales manager to sales team relationship. A great sales manager must be able to be present in the moment in order to gain and keep the trust of their team members. When you really listen to the individuals on your team, you’ll be able to better identify what is working and when something needs to change.

  1. The Ability to Understand, Sense, and Forecast What’s Happening in Your Business

A great sales manager is always one step ahead and prepared for anything. You should be able to anticipate problems and prepare for issues, in order to move forward with progress more quickly when those issues arise. In turn, when things are going well, you should be able to keep the momentum going. A certain level of predictability comes when you thoroughly know your job.

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