Top 5 Casinos to Play Blackjack in Vegas

Las Vegas is, without a doubt, home to the leading casinos around the world. However for a beginner looking for the best online casino to start playing blackjack games, the wide variety of casinos in Las Vegas can be confusing. As a newbie, you’ll have to filter through hundreds of casinos before you find the top blackjack casinos. Keep in mind that although Las Vegas is well known for the best casinos, you might not enjoy the best gambling in some casinos.

The most vital thing you should think about is what casinos rank on top of other casinos? In essence, the reputation of an online casino is a good way of finding out. For others, you can find better blackjack odds online, and the chance to win real is higher. So, a land-based casino that owns a website stands out among the rest.

Choose The Best Blackjack Casino

An extensive range of real money games is an essential aspect that can guide you as you look for the best Las Vegas blackjack casinos. From progressive, European, classic, super fun 21, pontoon, to Spanish 21, the best casino should host great blackjack titles. The number of tables, game odds, the RTP, and the casino house edge play a major role in making an informed decision.

Following is a list of the best blackjack casinos in Las Vegas.

MGM Grand

MGM isn’t just a great name in the sin city but also a great brick and mortar casino in Las Vegas. The casino establishment was initially known as the Monte Carlo resort & Casino. The casino house is located in Las Vegas, a great location for hundreds of blackjack aficionados who come into Las Vegas. In MGM Grand Las Vegas, punters can pick from 60 table games, 1400 slots, and 15 poker tables.

The casino house has previously been featured in many casino-themed movies. More importantly, MGM Grand Las Vegas offers players an opportunity to wager from a minimum of $25. With a 0.25532% house edge, it isn’t a wonder that MGM Grand Las Vegas is one of the best gaming destinations in Las Vegas.

ARIA Resort & Casino

Seasoned gamblers going to Las Vegas ought to choose ARIA Resort & Casino since it’s a worthy stopover. The attractive ARIA architectural design is just one of the things you should consider. As the most iconic casino house in the central business district, ARIA has built a reputation for itself as the top gaming destination for blackjack lovers. It’s particularly perfect for high rollers as well as mid-range gamblers.

With a 0.25532% house edge, ARIA is also a great gaming destination. However, unlike the MGM Grand Casino, players can bet with as low as $15.


Excalibur is a popular gaming destination in the sin city. It isn’t just a casino house; it’s one of the top gaming destinations, providing gamblers with incredible blackjack games; the 0.58000% house edge is ideal, particularly if you choose to play blackjack switch where you can wager a minimum of $10. The 6-deck games begin at $15, which is perfect for mid-range and low rollers.

Luxor Hotel & Casino

This casino house mirrors the bran of Luxor, an ancient city in Egypt. The building is home to one of the best casinos in Las Vegas. Luxor is specifically perfect for blackjack enthusiasts searching for a special yet fascinating casino gambling experience.

Blackjack players can choose between the double deck and eight-deck blackjack versions. The most popular variety is double deck blackjack because gamblers can wager as little as $25. Also, high rollers coming to this casino house can try their luck on high-limit games like 6 deck blackjack. Luxor casino has a 0.45688% house edge.

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

This is another great casino based on Las Vegas loved by thousands of blackjack aficionados. There are many blackjack players that choose to play at this land based casino. Nevertheless, of all available games, blackjack switch and free bet blackjack are the most popular blackjack versions available. $25 is the minimum wager limit.

Wrap Up

Although visiting the top blackjack casinos in Las Vegas is every gambler’s dream, your stay can’t be complete without enjoying the city’s nightlife. Besides playing your favorite table games, there are other entertainment events that will keep you awake the entire night. You can check out for the latest news about the best gaming destinations in Las Vegas.

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