Top 5 Fall Wedding Trends

Fall is almost here. Soon, temperatures will mellow out as the leaves begin to change and all things pumpkin hit the shelves. For many, this beautiful season is the perfect time to tie the knot with a ceremony and reception featuring the latest fall wedding  trends.

As you’re shopping for caterers, flowers, wedding dresses and more, there are a few ways you can make your big day stand out. Check out these top 5 trends guaranteed to make your big day one to  remember.

  1. The Colors of  Fall

Plum and burgundy have taken over color schemes this year, complimented by pastel and neutral accents. Couples are incorporating spring hues with a touch of misty blue to celebrate the coming winter months, offering an iced over look that pairs well with darker  colors.

Instead of the crisp whites of spring, weddings are using ivory to round out a Victorian palette that speaks to the naturally changing surroundings. When selecting pastels, use weathered colors to create a more romantic atmosphere. Finally, a touch of reflective metallics (like copper) add incredible  depth.

  1. Delectable  Eats

Couples are utilizing creative food and drink stations in their weddings this fall. Gourmet coffee stands, savory meat tables, and even build-your-own taco bars are running rampant in receptions around the country. Unique eats are on of the best ways to give your reception a personal  touch.

When selecting items to create these stations, couples are focusing on seasonal, local flavors. Pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon are all excellent selections this time of year. However, don’t be afraid to incorporate your fall  favorites.

  1. Gourmet  Cakes

The cutting of the wedding cake is a timeless tradition, but how that dessert looks is forever changing. This fall, couples are ditching the toppers and sugar flowers of yesteryear for more refined look. Greenery has taken over confectionary plants, caramel drizzles celebrate the season, and translucent frosting designs have replaced the thicker layers that were the norm just a year  prior.

  1. Elegant  Dresses

Temperatures drop in the fall, which gives way to more weather-appropriate attire. Long sleeves, cozy layers, and two-piece separates are all the rage. Cashmere sweaters have even found their place at the  altar.

Funding for these luxe designs has also changed. A rising trend over the past few years, crowdfunding is now in full swing. With more and more couples already owning the household items they would normally receive, they are now turning to online sources like a honeymoon registry without fees to help afford a more extravagant  wedding.

  1. The  Reception

The major change to the afterparty this fall is taking advantage of open space, namely between the tables and the ceiling. Planners and couples alike are filling once unused space with tall candles, leaf-adorned branches, and rustic centerpieces that speak to the changing of the  seasons.

Whether your big day focuses on the formal or the natural, a touch of the outdoors can help tie the fall theme together. Tying the traditional with the modern, couples are also incorporating calligraphy into their tables to denote elegance while fostering a fun  atmosphere.

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