Top 5 Handy Truck Driver Accessories

If you think in-vehicle accessories are just superfluous luxury, then think again. Not only can the right accessories make your truck feel a bit more convenient, but if used properly, a few might even make your drive a little bit safer. Here are five handy accessories you should consider taking with you next time you hit the road.

Dashboard Device Rack

Safety experts and professionals who deal with road incidents on a daily basis, like Sacramento truck accident attorney Kreeger Law, will point out that distracted driving is a serious factor in many collisions every year. The NHTSA says distracted driving claimed 2,841 lives in 2018, and it’s a wholly preventable factor on the road.

What better way to minimize device distraction than by keeping them all in one place where you can utilize them without fiddling around too much? A device rack for your dashboard will help you do exactly that, keeping your gear front and center, and leaving it in arm’s reach so you’re never taking your eyes off the road to find something.

USB Outlet Charger

Those aforementioned devices won’t be doing you much good if they don’t have any power. While some might be able to hold a charge with their batteries, the times and distances you’re driving will require just a bit more juice. The solution? A solid charger that you can use without worrying about blowing a fuse in your truck.

A New Seat Cushion

If you’re going to be driving and seated for a good portion of the day, does it make sense to do so while feeling uncomfortable? The journey will go smoother (and you’ll be happier) if you’re driving in comfort, so a new seat cushion is definitely an item you’ll want to think about adding to your accessory wishlist.

A Quality Flashlight

There are some parts of your truck that light just won’t reach, and there will also be instances where you’ll need to check underneath or inside your truck for one reason or another. That’s why it’s important to have proper illumination, in the form of a high-quality flashlight that lasts long and provides plenty of brightness.

Some Entertainment For Those Free Moments

There are going to be those times where you’re waiting with nothing else to do, so why not invest in a few ways to entertain yourself while you’re on the road? A sleek, portable gaming laptop is a good place to start (if you’re into that sort of thing), but even if you aren’t having a reasonably powerful computer is good for listening to music, watching movies, and providing yourself with all manner of entertainment on-the-go.

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