Top 5 Most Common Work-Related Injuries


We have all endured the training at work on how to handle things and lift heavy objects; regardless of your work, health and safety is a big part of work life, whether you sit at a desk or deal with heavy machinery. However, sometimes no matter what training you have, accidents happen and people get  hurt.

Workplace injuries are some of the most common ways for people to become hurt, mainly because we spend most of our time at work. Here are the top most common types of work-related  injuries.

  1. Violent  Acts

It might seem strange, but attacks from colleagues over office politics and other arguments have resulted in some serious injuries. It may not be the most common type of workplace injury, but it is certainly common enough to mention. Many employers now use specialized training to spot conflict in the workplace in an attempt to prevent it from  happening.

  1. Repetitive  Injuries

As you spend lots of time at work, there can be problems if you do a repetitive task such as typing. Repetitive strain injuries are a common cause of workplace medical conditions. There are also problems with posture including back pain, muscle pain and damage to the tendons. Employers are trying to keep these issues at bay by using correct chairs, wrist rests, and other equipment, but problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome are difficult to  prevent.

  1. Vehicle  Accidents

Those who drive a lot for their company are more at risk from accidents while working. Although employers conduct safe driving courses and other safety training to minimize the risk, accidents do still occur. The unfortunate problem with this type of work related accident is that it can often be  fatal.

  1. Slipping or Tripping Injuries

Another very common injury is slipping or tripping over something at work. Although employers will have training on a safe workplace and the removal of hazards, it is still a common occurrence.  It is also a type of injury that can cause significant time off work and possible legal action against the employer by the injured  employee.

  1. Overexertion Injuries

Probably the most common work-related injury is caused by pulling, throwing, lifting and other strenuous activity. It is another type of injury that can lead to long term sickness at work. In fact, a social security back injury is arguably the most common reason for many people being unable to return to  work.

If you have suffered an injury at work, you can, of course, claim social security disability if you fail to come back to work. In some cases, there can be issues regarding the process as mentioned by the Pew Research Centre. In this instance, you should enlist the help of a qualified attorney to assist you in the process; ensuring you get the best outcome  possible.

Although injuries at work are common, you can reduce the risk by taking the training offered by your employer and using any safety equipment provided. It also ensures that any injury you suffer can be claimed on against your  employer.

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