Top 5 Relaxing Getaways

If you are the kind of traveler who prefers to relax during vacations but does not have any idea where the best place to travel is, this article will help you find out five of the most relaxing European getaways.


Yes, we are talking about the state of Florida. In fact, Florida is famous for being a vacation and tourist spot. But, there is one place that you should never fail to visit and that is the Dry Tortugas National Park. It has a fortified 19th Century structure named Fort Jefferson, which has sixteen million bricks built to form a hexagon shape. For architecture lovers, this is another interesting attraction that shouldn’t be missed.

Aside from that, birdwatching is a known activity in the park as well, where the recorded count of species living is 299. Another incredible activity to experience is snorkeling and observing marine life species under the sea and looking at sunken ships from Spain.


This island is one of the most popular spots in Italy. It offers the abundance of their culture as well as natural beauty. It rings with rich history and ruins that will make your vacation ultimately relaxing and comfortable. In addition to that, you should stay in a Sicilian vacation villa to experience a more relaxing European getaway.


This country has always been a famous traveler’s spot. New resorts have recently opened, which also drove to the growth of different activities that enhanced the paradise living of those who plan to visit.

If you are looking for an exact place to unwind, you better check out Kingston. If you are a fan of reggae music, you can visit the Bob Marley Museum where you can find at his home’s site. You may also want to try the Devon House Bakery in order to fill up your hungry tummy with their delicious pastry.


Another place to relax is Devon. As a traveler, you should consider staying in any of the beautiful independent cottages on offer to better immerse yourself in this relaxing county. There are different advantages of staying in this county, from immersing yourself to a comfortable way of living and up to having your heart captivated by its enthralling features of its alluring beauty.

There are various beaches where you can have a dip yourself. No matter what your taste for a beach is, be it a pebbly or sandy beach or a wide shore or tiny cove, you will be able to find it in Devon. The meat produced from Devon is something that you should not miss and never underestimate. Devon supplies the best delicious meat to most of the world-renowned restaurants in London.

Koh Tao

Thailand is known to be a popular tourist spot because of its wonderful beaches, different rainforests, and a huge busy city. There is a relaxing island destination that you should never miss. Its name is Koh Tao.

Here, you can experience scuba diving and get to observe marine life and coral reefs that coexist with each other in the underwater world. Nightlife in Koh Tao is also a wonderful experience because the tourists and locals get to socialize in the bars found along the beach. You would love the island life paradise of Koh Tao where you would not only create wonderful experiences, but you will also get to meet other people to know about their culture or learn from their own experiences as well.

Get away from stress by having your relaxing getaway

Now, you are already equipped with the traveling knowledge that you need in order for you to know which places to go if you want to relax on your vacation. You may do it alone, in groups, or you could bring a loved one to tag along with you! In your vacation, always remember to leave nothing but memories.

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