Top American Vacations without a Passport

Despite the old myth that only ten percent of Americans have passports being dispelled, it seems American tourists are in no hurry to leave the good old US of A. Last year, only around a quarter of Americans went abroad to visit another country while around 75 million foreign tourists are visiting each year to sample the delights of the land of the free. What this data tells us is that you just can’t beat a classic, all-American vacation. With a holiday to America you get great variety in terms of landscapes, wildlife, cuisine, culture, and even language, all in total safety and all without needing to leave the greatest country on earth. There’s a list as long as Donald Trump’s lawsuits of both famous and lesser-known places we could recommend to you but here we’ve narrowed it down to four great American holidays- all without needing your  passport.

The Great American  Lakes

Nothing beats a USA vacation than a trip to the lake. Here, you and the gang can splash in the water playing games, canoeing and jumping off the pier and hike in the woods around the beautiful scenery hunting for Bigfoot. It gets even better with your own rented holiday home for all the family and all the gear to go with it. Just thinking about those nights by the open fire roasting marshmallows, telling stories and singing along to the guitar is enough to fill most of us with  nostalgia.

Theme Parks in the  Sunshine

If you’re looking for the ultimate in theme park attractions, Florida is the capital of all things ‘thrill ride’. From SeaWorld to Busch Gardens, Disneyland to Wet ’n’ Wild there’s a park with a theme for everyone. If you like getting wet in the southern sun, cool off in a water park, take the dingy rapids and hit the log flume. If you want rollercoasters and your favourite movie characters, get yourself over to the studios and if you like looking at giant fish doing tricks, go over to the giant water circus before old Uncle Sam shuts them down. There’s also California for you west coast folks with record breaking rides and a bit more glamour than swamp side in the orange  state.

Route  66

If you want to hit the road, nothing could be greater than a trip down Route 66 from the Windy City of Chicago to Hollywood, California. We Americans love our cars so rent your classic pickup or muscle car and hit the highway in style with a few buddies and bottle of Bud. Stop off at some of America’s most iconic stops including the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. Just make sure you don’t run out of gas or take a wrong turn like in one of those awful horror  movies!

The New New  World

Sometimes you can leave the mainland USA and still technically be in the greatest country on earth. Why not fly over to Hawaii for some aloha style holidaymaking or go north to Alaska. Surely the best way to see the most northern state is on a cruise, as you can dip in and out while seeing all the country’s spectacular scenery and wildlife. Meanwhile, while you’re in Hawaii, you’ve just got to go surfing and get your terrible shirt on to relax in the sun like only those guys know  how.

And so much  more…

As you can see just from these few examples, there’s so much to do in the US it’s no surprise so many people come here and us Americans never want to go away. The question surely has to be, why the hell so many of us go on holiday abroad in the first place nowadays! Not only are they missing out on these places, we never even talked about New York and the Statue of Liberty, San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, Niagara Falls and taking a paddle steamer down the Mississippi to New Orleans to name a  few!

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