Top Features of the Batavia Model Ship


The Batavia model ship is one of the more popular models of old war ships. Two ships have been named Batavia in history, with the original one being shipwrecked on its maiden voyage. This ship is famous for the mutiny and massacre that was witnessed amongst its survivors. The Batavia is also remembered for its scheming staff and their efforts to use the gold and silver on the board to improve their lives. A 20th century replica of this famous ship can be seen and visited in Lelystad, the  Netherlands.


Batavia Model Ship:  Features


Batavia model ships are available in wood with specifications of 26 cm x 47 cm x 113 cm. These historic ship models are high in demand because of the tragic story associated with it. The 17th century ship reminds us of the scheming mind of Cornelisz, a junior merchant and the cruelty he displayed in killing hundreds of people for his benefit. People also remember Batavia for the fight that ensued over limited food and water. A Batavia Model ship is sold in a fully assembled form and not as a assembly kit. The Batavia Model ship has been built by expert artisans. Some of its features  are:

  • Individual wooden planks are used for constructing the hull
  • High quality woods are used
  • Historically accurate sails
  • Even small details of the original ship have been captured
  • Prepared after extensive research of the original designs.

Let’s have a look at some important facts about the Batavia:

  • The original Batavia was built in Amsterdam in 1628 and was armed with 24 cast iron cannons and a number of bronze guns.
  • The ship was commissioned by the Dutch East India Company on October 27, 1628, and sailed from Texel in a fleet of eleven ships to obtain spices.
  • The ship’s captain Adriaen Jacobsz and the overall commander Francisco Pelsaert disliked each other and thus there was considerable friction between the two.
  • The ship struck a reef near the Beacon Island in June 1629 after its route was diverted.
  • Of the 322 people aboard the ship, most of the passengers and crew managed to reach the shore.
  • 40 people were drowned.
  • Lack of water and food forced some of the survivors including the captain to embark on a difficult voyage to Batavia (now Jakarta).
  • A mutiny between the survivors led to the death of nearly hundred people
  • Jeronimus Cornelisz who along with several other men was found responsible for the killing of over a 100 people was hanged.
  • The wreckage of Batavia fascinated many leading to the publication of several books and articles.

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