Top Jobs You Can Land With An MBA in Finance

In this fast-paced life, the commerce wheel is grinding us from our morning coffee to the end of the night. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that one of the most influential disciplines responsible for driving our lives is finance. From large corporations to governments, finance is continuously managing huge amounts of money. There is a mystique attached to finance, especially when movies like The Wolf of Wall Street exemplify the allure of the hard-hitting and fast-moving world of finance. With such a central role in running the show of this world, many top business schools are offering MBA degrees in finance, both on-campus and online. Since distance learning is possible, you can opt for synchronous courses where online classes are conducted live. You also have an option of asynchronous courses where the courses are not live but are carried out through pre-recorded course material, and enable you to balance life better.  MBA concentration in finance is also available in a hybrid degree arrangement.

A degree in finance can give you a wider range of career opportunities in the field of finance. MBAs in finance have an appeal in various organizations offering roles from low-level managerial positions to C-Suite based on experience and education. Some of the top jobs that you can land with MBA finance include the following:

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is an entry-level job, but it provides excellent compensation along with room for advancement. This job requires you to collect operational data, establish standard costs for products and services, make financial predictions based on economic data, do a cost analysis and policy making, monitor and analyze and analyze an organization’s financial status and inform the managers. It would be pertinent to mention that financial analysts hold the position of the heart in every organization. What should be your salary expectation for this position? The current salary averages at $56,866.

Financial Managers

The primary job of a financial manager is to manage a team of financial analysts. As a financial manager, you will be required to liaison between finance team members and business sectors. You will be required to implement high-level policies related to finance concerning business goals. A financial manager’s job includes reviewing financial reports, educating the team with best practices, overseeing cash flow and other financial instruments, preparing reports legally mandated, and staying updated with industry trends. Were you thinking about the salary for this position? It averages at $125,080.

Chief Financial Officer

Looking for a high-end job in the finance field? Chief Financial Officer is your calling. This is a prestigious position that reports directly to the CEO and sometimes the board of directors as well based on the organizational structure. A CFO is usually required to secure funding for a younger organization. But in older organizations, the CFOs usually acquire other companies along with managing retirement benefits and funds. As a CFO, you will be required to deliver financial projections, secure funding, establish strategic directions for an organization, develop tracking methods for productivity, production, customer service, and quality from a financial perspective and maximize returns on investment. CFOs can earn a whopping $300,000 per year. However, CFOs at considerably large organizations make much more money.

Accounting Manager

When it comes to organizational goals, they have to be bridged with the accounting directives. An Accounting Manager does this job. An accounting manager’s job description includes monitoring the organization’s day-to-day operations, preparing routine financial documents and statements, and ensuring the confidentiality of all the sensitive information. This role is well compensated as the Accounting Manager makes $102,982 on average.

Corporate Controllers

As a Corporate Controller, you will be expected to perform hybrid roles that include overseeing not only financial but accounting functions of a company. It is not a finance central role. It also includes budgeting, preparing invoices, payroll processing, and accounts payable. The job of a Corporate Controller also includes the development and execution of accounting functions, ensuring conforming with reporting protocols, preparing reports for the SEC, doing routine accounting, crafting forecasts, and overseeing payroll. On average, Corporate Controllers earn up to $95,000.

Management Consultant

As a Management Consultant, you will be required to work for third-party consulting firms. Your role will be to provide guidance based on data-driven conclusions. As a Management Consultant, you will be required to gather and research data for the client company, manage focus groups, run workshops, test different financial hypotheses, present findings, and lead analysts’ teams to analyze results. What’s the average salary for a Management Consultant? The salary stands at $85,874.

Aren’t these prestigious positions worth a try? Do you think you have it in you to take the plunge into the world of high finance? These jobs are known for having long working hours but are very well compensated. Time for you to narrow down your favorite schools, choose the best online or on-campus MBA program in finance, and land your dream high-end job.

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