Top Ten Movies For Facing Your Fears


What are you afraid of? What’s the thing that really gets your heart pounding? Where the thought of it just makes you freeze up? Everyone has a fear like that keeping them awake at night. Some people are even afraid of sleep! No matter what your fear is there’s a movie designed to help you face it. Here are the top ten movies for facing your fears, suggested by .

  1. A Nightmare on Elm Street for  Somniphobia

Somniphobia is also known as the fear of sleeping and you were lucky if you didn’t come out of Nightmare on Elm Street with it. This horror masterpiece was the introduction of Freddy Krueger; a vengeful dead man who killed teenagers in their sleep to exact his revenge. Nightmare on Elm Street starred Robert England in his most iconic role ever and it worked so well because you were never quite sure if the characters were asleep or not, which played on the very real vulnerability that people who are asleep  have.

  1. eXistenZ for  Cyberphobia

Cyberphobia is the fear of computers and, while it might seem silly these days, it’s been a very real fear since computers were introduced in the 80s. eXistenZ is a movie that stars Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jude Law and really plays on this fear. In the movie Jennifer and Jude play creators of a virtual reality game that are trying to protect their latest game. The games in this movie give people the kind of powers that they shouldn’t have in real life, which plays on the fear of not knowing if something is real or not, even though we’re convinced it’s  real.

  1. Arachnophobia for, well,  Arachnophobia

Most people are spooked by just one spider, so imagine how you’d feel if your whole basement was filled with eight-legged beasts who could kill you with a single bite. That’s just what the characters in Arachnophobia had to deal with. As the title of the movie would suggest it involves a small town that is infested with killer spiders after a Venezuelan giant tarantula breeds with some local spiders. It might not sound all that scary but you’ll be checking your shoes every time you put them on after watching  it.

  1. Vertical Limit for  Acrophobia

While most people would probably find a movie about climbing K2 pretty thrilling, movies such as Vertical Limit are a nightmare for people with acrophobia; also known as the fear of heights. Vertical Limit features Chris O’Donnel as a photographer attempting to save his sister after she is trapped in the Himalayas by an avalanche. There’s non-stop disasters in the movie that will leave acrophobics feeling their fears are pretty  justified.

  1. Buried for  Claustrophobia

Most people assume claustrophobia is the fear of tight spaces but it’s a little more; it’s also the fear of being unable to escape them. The 2010 movie Buried is all about claustrophobia. It features Ryan Reynolds, who finds himself captured by insurgents when attempting to make a delivery as a humanitarian aid worker. Reynolds is buried in a box and only has his cellphone, his pen, a lighter, and a knife to try and find a way out before he loses his life. Almost the entire movie is Reynolds in his box, which creates a creepy and immersive atmosphere that’s almost enough to make it feel like you’re in the  box.

  1. Safe for  Hypochondria

Most people know hypochondriacs are people who are perhaps a little too anxious about their health. They have themselves checked over by doctors constantly and always feel like something is going wrong with their health. So what would happen if a hypochondriac was allergic to absolutely everything? You’ll find out if you watch the satirical movie Safe featuring Julianne Moore. The movie stars Moore as Carol; a fragile housewife who finds herself contracting Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. This basically makes her allergic to just about everything around her, including her sofa, car fumes, and even her hairspray. Safe is the kind of movie that gets you eager to clean and dust your house to get rid of any potential  allergens.

  1. It for  Coulrophobia

Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns and, while these miscreants may be found in almost any children’s party, they have been used by filmmakers as characters that start out innocent and then get pretty nasty pretty quickly. One movie that made people never see clowns the same way again was It, an adaptation of the Stephen King novel. The movie stars Tim Curry as Pennywise, a demonic clown who terrorised kids during the 60s and is back thirty years later to terrorise them again as adults. Curry is still scary without the fangs of Rocker Horror as he flashes his innocent smile before going in for the  kill.

  1. Hostel for  Hemophobia

While many people watch gory movies for the blood and guts you want to stay away from them if you’ve got homophobia; the fear of blood. Hemophobiacs should definitely stay away from Hostel, which is filled with the blood of college kids who find themselves in an unpredictable situation when taking a  vacation.

  1. Anaconda for  Ophidiophobia

Ophidiophobia is the fear of snakes and, if you’ve got it, then you should probably avoid watching Anaconda. The movie stars Owen Wilson as Jon Boight, along with Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube. It follows them as a documentary crew who find their shooting interrupted by one of the largest anacondas in the world. It might be a little too hokey for horror fans but if you’ve got a fear of snakes then you’ll find this just as creepy as Snakes on a  Plane.

  1. Fly for  Entomophobia

Fly is a true camp classic from the 80s that was remade by director David Cronenberg. The story starts out innocently enough following the love life of a scientist and a reporter before it quickly descends into pure graphic horror. If you’ve got entomophobia (the fear of insects) then you should definitely stay away from this movie which sees Goldblum turned into a giant fly; along with the all the stomach churning charm of  one.

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