Trump has a Secret Backer in the USA Freedom Kids


The USA Freedom Kids have just released a catchy song entitled “Freedom’s Call” that isn’t shy about predicting our next  president.

This particular track has been in the works for nearly a year. And, when the original lyrics were penned, it was General George Patton who was named in the lyrics. But when Jeff Popick, the group’s manager, watched Donald Trump announce his presidential candidacy and declare “I will find the General Patton …,” it inspired Popick to rewrite the lyrics and make it more relevant and  contemporary.

Popick says the USA Freedom Kids love America and thrive on freedom, but laments, “Obama has abdicated his first responsibility as commander-in-chief and he’s betrayed sacred friendships with countries such as Israel. Obama’s dysfunctional efforts such as sending fifty commandos to Syria (and then publicly announcing it) are ludicrous and self-sabotaging. Then, Obama cites these failures – he created – as reasons for not doing more. These behaviors have put the freedoms we cherish in grave jeopardy, but freedom is our middle  name.”

Freedom’s Call follows the group’s first release, “National Anthem Part 2,” a patriotic and high-energy dance song which is also available on all the popular music download sites. For the USA Freedom Kids, this has little to do with politics and everything to do with celebrating and shoring-up freedom through inspirational  songs.

“While there are several candidates who could begin to turn around the Obama debacle, we think there may be no one better than President Donald Trump to answer ‘Freedom’s Call.’ Trump has a pattern of success that is remarkable and a methodology for winning that is second-to-none,” Popick says, “and Freedom’s Call is a really fun song, with great musicality that inspires freedom … so we decided to record it … and so far, people of all ages are loving  it.”

Freedom’s Call is now available on all of the popular music download sites such as iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby,  etc.

Tap your toes, sing along and feel great again to be American … That’s what the USA Freedom Kids’ music is all about. So, come celebrate freedom with the USA Freedom Kids! For more information, please visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter  @USAfreedomKids.

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