Trump tops $1 Billion in Earned Media for July


The Earned Media Battle of Clinton vs. Trump showed a narrow race of the two candidates going back and forth. For the month of July 2016, MediaMax Online analyzed 1.28 million articles and stories to report that Donald J. Trump led Hillary Clinton in earned media and media exposure for the month. Trump was the prominent candidate in 52% of the stories but amassed more media value and impressions than Clinton. Trump earned media was $1.094 billion to Clinton’s $814 million. Trump impressions (potential readers and viewers) was 33.4 billion to Clinton’s 28.6  billion.

During the conventions, each candidate predictably did well in earned media. For the week of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Trump dominated in earned media $371.5 million to Clinton’s $93.2 million. However, for the week of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Clinton earned a more narrow lead in earned media with $286.9 million to Trump’s $185.3  million.

Earned Media values reflect publicity efforts and news coverage for a particular candidate unlike paid advertisements. According to the Institute of Public Relations, weighted Earned Media costs offer scientifically sound, quantifiable data that provides comparative metrics for the evaluation of media outlets and publicity campaigns, as well as a direct comparison to advertising in terms of  impact.

MediaMax Online launched a 2016 Presidential Election Earned Media Dashboard to track the daily “Earned Media Battle” between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The free website displays a dashboard of media analysis comparing the candidates by Earned Media, Impressions and Article/Clip Prominence. Access the free 2016 Presidential Election Earned Media Dashboard at

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