Trump’s Lead Increases to 79% in Chia Poll

By  Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia, Special for  USDR

In the most recent sales update in the Chia Poll (as of October 4, 2016), Chia Trump’s share of sales went up from 78% to 79% and Chia Clinton’s share dropped from 22% to 21% just a short time after the first Presidential Debate on September  26th.

Here is some information about the Chia  poll:

Chia Freedom of Choice - Hillary Clinton

The Chia Poll tracks the sales of Chia Trump versus Chia  Clinton.

The sales figures are tallied on a weekly basis as they come in from various retailers. Chia Trump and Chia Clinton are available at Kmart and Target stores and they are also available on Amazon and at

Most of the scientific polls show that Clinton is leading Trump by several percentage points, but the Chia Poll shows that Trump now leads Clinton by 79% to  21%.

How accurate is the Chia Poll in predicting the winner of the Presidential  Election?

In 2012, the results of the Chia Poll almost exactly matched the results of the Electoral College  percentages.

Here are the Electoral College percentages from the 2012 Presidential Election:

Barack Obama: 332 votes: 61.7%
Mitt Romney: 206 votes: 38.3%

Here are the percentages of the Chia Obama sales versus the Chia Romney sales (from 9/17/12-11/3/12) which almost exactly matched the Electoral College  percentages:

Chia Obama Sales: 62.9%
Chia Romney Sales: 36.3%

As the Presidential race gets closer to Election Day, and as the poll numbers continue to change from week to week, who will be ahead in the Chia Poll, and will this year’s Chia Poll results again match the Electoral College results like they did in the 2012 race?

Stay tuned…You can see samples of Chia Trump, Chia Clinton, Chia Bernie Sanders and Chia Obama, and the full line of Chia products at

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For more information and for updates on the Chia Poll, contact Peter Georgii at Joseph Enterprises in San Francisco, California or by phone at 415-397-6992.

Joe Pedott, President and Founder of Joseph Enterprises is also available for video and phone interviews at 415-397-6992.


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