Ultimate Beginners Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

What attracts people to online casinos, apart from their unrivaled convenience, are casino bonuses. Most experienced online gamblers are familiar with casino bonuses and how they work. However, to the unexperienced, online casino bonuses might seem like a complex system of wagering requirements and conditions. Worry not, dear unexperienced casino player – with our help, you will quickly become conversant with casino  bonuses.

Generally, there are two types of casino bonuses – deposit casino bonuses and no deposit casino bonuses. Deposit bonuses work by adding a certain percentage (or amount) when a deposit is made. Conversely, no deposit bonuses work by granting “free money” to new players; deposit is not required. Below, we will familiarize you with the best casino  bonuses.

Cashable  Bonuses

As it could be guessed by its name, the cashable bonus is a type of bonus which can be withdrawn when certain requirements are met. Essentially, deposit bonuses, match bonuses are all types of cashable  bonuses.

As mentioned above, in order to be able to cash out, you must fulfill some wagering requirements. Almost every online casino requires its clients to bet the bonus amount a specific number of times before being able to withdraw their winnings. What is more, many casinos feature games which are eligible for bonus and games which are not. It is important to keep in mind that not all eligible games contribute equally to the fulfillment of the wagering  requirement.

Non-Cashable (Sticky)  Bonuses

Also known as “play bonus” and “sticky bonus”, the non-cashable bonis is one of the most common bonus types advertised all over the web. Virtually, all types of no deposit casino bonuses fall under the category of non-cashable bonuses. The term “sticky bonus” is derived from the fact that the non-cashable bonus sticks to the operator and not the  player.

Essentially, non-cashable bonuses can be used for wagering, but can not be withdrawn. Apart from being unavailable to withdraw, these bonuses may have various wagering requirements. Most casinos put a cap on the winnings, and almost all casinos require players to wager the bonus a certain amount of  times.

Welcome  Bonuses

Nowadays, almost every online operator offers some kind of a welcome bonus. Some operators offer first deposit bonuses, others offer new account bonuses, new player bonuses, etc. Moreover, some operators offer so-called “welcome packages” to new players, which usually feature free spins and a cashable  bonus.

Most commonly, operators offer either an additional sum or an additional percentage when a deposit is made. The percentage (and sometimes the amount of money) players will receive as a welcome bonus depend on the amount of money  deposited.

Of course, certain requirements must be fulfilled before the welcome bonus amount can be withdrawn. For example, most operators put a cap on the maximum win and withdrawal amounts for players which have not made an initial deposit. Another usual practice is to ask players to stake the bonus amount a given number of times before being able to withdraw. Last, but not least, many operators require their clients to claim the bonus before a certain period of time  expires.

Monthly/Weekly  Bonuses

Monthly/weekly bonuses, also known as loyalty bonuses are another bonus type offered by casinos. Similarly to cashable bonuses, the monthly/weekly bonuses award players a certain percentage (or amount of money) to their bankroll, up to a specified maximum amount. The percentage or amount of money varies in different  casinos.

What is interesting about these types of bonuses is that they can be claimed only once per month/week, depending on the casino policy. Naturally, players have to meet certain requirements before being able to withdraw their bonus  amount.

High Roller  Bonuses

High roller bonuses are types of bonuses available to players willing to dedicate more money to the casino. In general, high roller bonuses award players between 40 and 50 per cent the deposit amount. Unlike other types of bonuses, high roller bonuses are not subject to such aggressive marketing as other bonuses. When a player makes a considerable deposit, the casino VIP team will contact them and offer bigger  bonuses.

Payment Method  Bonuses

Essentially, payment method bonuses represent additional funds awarded by the casino based on the payment method chosen by a player. Generally, players receive a percentage of the deposit amount on top of other bonuses claimed by them. In order to utilise payment method bonuses, players must fulfill all  requirements. Last, but not least, many operators require their clients to claim the casino bonus before a certain period of time expires.

To sum up, there are various types of casino bonuses, and in order to take the most from them, beginners should know how they work. A piece of advice: read bonus terms and conditions thoroughly before choosing a casino. In the end, remember that casino gambling is all about fun and try not to become a casino bonus  seeker.

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