Understanding the Difference Between Wagering Requirement and Wagering Contributions Using Ethereum

It is no doubt that ETH gambling has gone mostly virtual around the world. And with this virtual trend comes the constant influx of casinos seeking to replicate the total land-based casino experience to players. With the attention and efforts of regulatory authorities, most casinos are required to be licensed and regulated by these entities before they can operate.

Part of the requirements of every license is that an online casino must always issue a term of the contract to players. Otherwise called Casino Terms and Conditions, this contract usually outlines the different rules that bind players and the casinos. Part of these rules are popular but confusing terms such as wagering requirements and wagering contributions.

These terms are always there but a lot of players fail to take note of them. Even when some players see these rules, they make lack an understanding of what they mean. This article takes a dive into explaining these terms.

What are wagering requirements?

Even Eth gambling sites have wagering requirements that must be adhered to strictly at all times. Accordingly, the wagering requirement refers to the number of times a player has to play through a cash bonus before withdrawing winnings on the cash bonus. Also called roll-over or playthrough, the wagering requirement is a way of ensuring that the player invests the bonus funds before placing a request for withdrawal.

Many crypto and hybrid casinos have a wagering requirement of 35x for a cash bonus and 40x for free spins bonus. To better understand what the wagering requirement is, we will use this in our example below.

You are offered a welcome bonus of $100 and $150 free spins at a casino with a wagering requirement of 35x. To fulfill the wagering requirement, it means you will have to bet $100 through 35x. Hence, $100 multiplied by 35 will be $3,500. Therefore, you will have to roll over the bonus fund of $100 to $3,500 before you can withdraw.

For your free spins bonus, lets’ say you won $50 from them and a 40x wagering requirement applies. $50 multiplied by 40 will give you $2,000. In effect, your $50 winnings from the free spins bonus must be rolled over $2,000 before placing a withdrawal request.

In some casinos, only the bonus funds are subject to the wagering requirement. But in other casinos wagering requirement applies to both the bonus funds and your deposited funds. It suffices to state that you must always check out the bonus terms and general casino terms before accepting any bonus on offer.

You also have to keep the wagering requirements, otherwise, you may lose your bonus winnings entirely. In most casinos, players will lose their winnings if they request a withdrawal without meeting the wagering requirement. So, it’s best to avoid any withdrawal request until the requirement has been met.

What are wagering contributions?

Wagering contributions are an important aspect of casino gaming you should always know. Wagering contribution refers to the exact value that games add to your wagering requirement. Wagering contribution means the ways in which games add a different quota to achieving your wagering requirement in a ETH casino.

A wagering requirement can be a little tough to fulfill, and a high wagering requirement can be much tougher. This is why it is always great to know the wagering contribution of every game so that you can choose the best game. It is pertinent to state that different games add different quotas to the fulfillment of your wagering requirement.

In the same vein, different casinos offer wagering quotas to different games. But one thing is certain in almost all ETH casinos: online slots add more to the wagering requirement than all other casino games. To be on the most informed side, it is best to make the casino terms and conditions your companion before accepting a bonus.

We cannot over-explain the relevance of checking out the casino gambling terms and conditions at all times. For instance, the following are the wagering contributions in Nomini casino:

  • Slots: 100% (except some listed slots)
  • Video poker: 10%
  • All live games apart from baccarat: 10%
  • All table games apart from baccarat: 10%
  • Jackpot slots: 0%
  • Baccarat: 0%

You simply have to keep these contributions in mind always.

Difference between wagering requirements and wagering contributions

There is a difference that exists between both of these ETH casino gaming concepts. First, the wagering requirement has to do with figures and the number of times you can bet to have your bonus winnings qualified for withdrawal. This means you cannot essentially withdraw anything without meeting the wagering requirements. On the other hand, wagering conditions have to do entirely with casino games, and a player can choose any of the approved games to achieve this.

The wagering requirement must be fulfilled in full and not in parts, but wagering contributions can be achieved by combining different games at the casino. Provided the games are not disallowed for the wagering requirement purpose, you can play a couple of these games altogether.


Wagering requirements and wagering contributions are very essential to redeeming your bonuses and keeping the wins therefrom. You will be better off knowing fully the terms and conditions of the bonus offered to you and the way you can meet the requirements. You should also familiarize yourself with the General casino terms and gambling conditions.

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