Understanding Travel Insurance Coverage

By Squaremouth, Special for  USDR

As Hurricane Newton makes landfall in Mexico and impacts popular tourist destinations, Squaremouth, a leading travel insurance comparison site, explains travel insurance coverage for affected  travelers.

“Travelers may be covered to cancel their trip due to Hurricane Newton if they meet their policy’s requirements for hurricane coverage,” said Squaremouth spokesperson Rachael Taft. “If your flight has been canceled or significantly delayed, or if your hotel is no longer inhabitable because of the storm, contact your travel insurance provider to see if you’re covered to  cancel.”

Travelers must have had a travel insurance policy in place before the storm was named in order to qualify for coverage for Hurricane Newton. This means it is now too late for travelers to purchase a policy and file a claim related to the  storm.

Typically, policies require your accommodations to be rendered uninhabitable or your ticketed transportation — such as a flight or cruise — to be delayed for a certain length of time in order to trigger cancellation  coverage.

Generally, the threat of a storm alone is not a covered reason to cancel. However, some policies allow travelers to cancel if there is a hurricane warning in effect for their destination right before they leave for their trip. Travelers should review their policy or contact their travel insurance company to determine if this coverage is  available.

Travelers currently in Mexico can contact their provider’s 24-hour emergency assistance hotline to receive help. Most policies also include Emergency Medical and Medical Evacuation coverage for affected  travelers.

For more information, visit Squaremouth’s Extreme Weather and Travel Insurance Information Center. This regularly-updated resource contains FAQs about travel insurance for hurricanes and position statements from travel insurance providers regarding coverage for Hurricane  Newton.

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