Urging Trump to Legalize Marijuana

By Alexander Nachman, Special for  USDR

Alexander Nachman, one of the nation’s leading experts on the medicinal, social and economic benefits of legalizing cannabis, wrote an open letter to President-Elect Donald Trump, which was printed in CannaNews.Buzz, a prominent publication covering the legal marijuana  industry.

In the letter, Nachman writes that with legalized and regulated cannabis, billions of dollars can be raised through tax revenues, and billions more saved in law enforcement and incarnation costs, which he points out disproportionally imprisons  minorities.

He also takes issue with the current scheduling of marijuana, which is placed in the same category as  heroin.

The United States government has been lying to us about this issue for years,” he writes. “The real story is that the government absolutely knows that cannabis is medicine and they confirmed it in 1999 when they filed the US Patent # 6630507, titled: ‘Cannabinoids as antioxidants and  neuroprotectants.'”

Nachman proclaims, “The patent proves that our government knows that cannabis is a medicine, and to operate otherwise is a  farce.”

He also urges Mr. Trump to seek the counsel of Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli organic chemist and Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, who is widely considered the foremost expert in cannabinoid medicine and the endocannabinoid  system.

Nachman also cites a study from the University of Michigan School of Public Health that states that legal medical cannabis has resulted in a reduction in opioid use – as patients with chronic pain found marijuana as an effective and safer  alternative.

He concludes by stating that if President Trump legalized cannabis, it will prove beyond all doubt that every citizen matters – regardless of color or nationality – and that it would truly “Make America great  again.”

“Now is the time to stand up and do what is right,” Nachman writes. “Show the American people that you are prepared to act differently than previous administrations, and take bold actions to correct injustices that have been part of our American landscape for far too  long.”

SOURCE Alexander  Nachman

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