US House Acts to Protect Women from Violence

By US Daily Review Staff.

Yesterday the House of Representatives passed H.R. 4970 reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act for another five years by a vote of 222 to 205. VAWA provides federal assistance for programs and organizations that assist women who are victims of domestic abuse, stalking and sexual assault.

“This bill lengthens prison time for sexual assault and abuse, improves the way we help women transition out of a dangerous situation at home, and closes a loophole that has left women on Indian reservations at greater risk of abuse,“ said U.S. Congressman Brady, a Republican from Texas.

“For too long the White House and federal government has turned a blind eye to the growing backlog of untested rape kits, which is unconscionable for the victims of sexual assault,” said Brady. “We’re finally getting serious about clearing that backlog, linking perpetrators to these terrible crimes and preventing other women from future assaults.”

VAWA includes a mandatory 10 year penalty for aggravated sexual abuse, promotes educational awareness to prevent violence and improves services for young victims.  It also funds state rape prevention education programs, creates a new National Center for Campus Public Safety in the Department of Justice and provides greater protections to Indian women by allowing victims to seek protection orders from U.S. District Courts.

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