USDR Newsstand: What We are Reading

By Kelly Leung, AssociateEditor, USDR.

Our periodical feature of what our editors, contributors, and readersare recommending.

Will Copyright Law Prevent You From Working on Your Car?– An association of the 12 largest car manufacturers is working towards making it illegal for people to work on their own cars.

American Politics Isn’t About Who You Love. It’s About Who You Fear.- Political scientists try to explain why there are “record levels of party loyalty and straight-ticket voting” while fewer and fewer Americans are labeling themselves as strictly Democratic or Republican. Source:

Chelsea Clinton’s Campaign Crucible–  When asked about Hillary’s campaign, Chelsea Clinton dodges the tough questions to avoid becoming entangled. Source:

Regulators Just Killed Comcast’s Big Merger with Time Warner Cable– Comcast has left a $45 billion deal with Time Warner Cable and regulators at the Department of Justice and Federal Communications Commission are to blame. Source:

Australia Asylum: Why is it Controversial?–  Recently, Australia’s policy about asylum seeking individuals who arrive by boat has been scrutinized. This article explains why. Source:

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