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By Kelly Leung, AssociateEditor, USDR.

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To Protect Religious Freedom, Republicans Attempt Historic Move Against D.C.- If Congress overturns the Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act bill, it would be the first time in over 20 years that Congress has “undone” D.C. law. In order for the bill to be overturned, Congress and the president have to be in support of the Republicans’ stance.  Source:

Town Where U.S. Marshal Smashed Citizen’s Camera Rakes in Millions from Federal Forfeiture Rules– A U.S. marshal smashed the camera phone of a woman who was recording police activity near her home. That didn’t stop another person from picking up right where she left off in the destroyed recording. Is it time for law enforcement to “get used to” the surveillance? Source:

New York State to Dim Lights to Save Migrating Birds– Certain city lights are being shut off in state-run buildings to reduce migratory bird confusion. Source:

States are Raising Their Speed Limits, They Should do the Opposite– Research shows that the many states that are raising speed limits may be doing more harm than good. Higher levels of fatal vehicle accidents and exacerbating global warming are two main concerns in the speed limit debate. Source:

Nepal Earthquake: Shattered Historic Sites Foretell Long-Term Economic Impact– The recent devastating earthquake that hit Nepal had turned some of the country’s most ancient and sacred temples into rubble.  Much of Nepal’s economy relies on travelers and many countries have issued travel advisory warnings. The economic outlook is grim.  Source:

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