Veterans Blast Obama For Iraq Troop Withdrawal


On Veterans Day Americans honor the incredible sacrifices that our troops and military personnel have made in their efforts to keep us safe and to secure freedom for people around the globe.

Some would like Americans to think that President Obama did our veterans a favor by precipitously withdrawing all American troops from Iraq without leaving a residual force.  At least our troops are no longer in danger, even though their absence has allowed the murderous terror group ISIS to enter Iraq and gain a foothold in the region.

Well, it turns out that many of our veterans, some of whom fought in Iraq, disagree and they had some harsh words for President Obama and his decision to leave Iraq to its own devices.

Many forget that these troops not only lost friends in order to free and secure Iraq, but that they also believed in the cause, despite the fact that much of the nation’s political class had been making efforts for years to end the conflict no matter what the consequences might be.

We gave these heroes a chance to speak their minds on Veterans Day.

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