VIDEO: Police and Families React to Media Coverage


Police officers’ family members blast the media’s portrayal of police in exclusive MRCTV interviews:
  •   “It’s not right. They’re being treated like trash.”
  • “They don’t get the benefit of the doubt. There’s too much of a rush to judgement.”
  • “They’re not given credit for the good they do; all we hear is the negative.”
  •  “A lot of politics is responsible. I think they portray a certain thing, they jump on something: and, no matter what it is, it’s like, whatever serves their own political purpose. It instigates, instead of mediates, anything.”
  •  “I think it’s been a little disrespectful, the lack of appreciation there’s been for the officers, straight from the White House. Even looking at Officer Moore’s death, and his funeral, and nobody sent from the White House staff to go to  that.”
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