Warning Signs That Your Home May Be In Trouble

When you’re living day to day in your home, it’s easy to look over some of the significant warning signs of trouble in the structure.  Educating your eyes is a good way to start warding off the little things that could cost you thousands in the future.  

Don’t let your house get the best of your life, and learn to master the art of spotting trouble.  Start now by reading through a brief look at some of the most common warning signs that your home may be failing.  

Cracks in walls and foundation

Whether you’re scouting for a new place to call home or you’re looking to better your current home, cracks in the foundation or walls of the structure could mean trouble is ahead.  

It’s important to tend to visible cracks immediately.  You want to make sure that the foundational structure of your home is not being compromised.  

Check the state of the roof

Loose, missing, or rotted shingles can lead to water leakage in your roof.  Water leakage can lead to a long list of costly issues in your home. It’s wise to keep up with the quality and well-being of your home’s roof.  

If you’re looking at a home as a prospect, ask the current owner how long ago the roof was updated.  If the roof is more than ten years old, it will need repairing soon.  

The HVAC system is crucial 

Getting a home inspection done on your property won’t tell you the state of your HVAC unit unless it simply doesn’t function.  The unit on the outside of your home has a lifespan of 12-15 years.  

You can find out just how old the system is by looking up the serial number.  Replacing your home’s HVAC unit is a costly fix.  It’s wise to know everything you can about the system, and keep up with common maintenance actions like changing the filter inside of your home.  

Problems with the plumbing

Before you ever think of purchasing a home, make sure the plumbing is in good shape.  If you’re caught with outdated plumbing, you could spend thousands bringing your property up to par.  

Proper maintenance of your home’s plumbing is also crucial.  Don’t flush large items down the toilet. Keep excess debris out of sinks, and tend to any obstructions immediately.  

Drainage issues and pooling water

You want to make sure your home’s gutter system is properly moving rainwater away from the foundation of the structure.  Pooling water around the foundation of your home can cause cracking and leakage.  

Basement flooding can lead to thousands in damages and repairs.  It’s wise to do the simple maintenance tasks to uphold the integrity of your home’s drainage elements.

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