Warriors vs Raptors: Who will Prevail in this NBA 2019 Finals

The NBA finals are just started but the question of who is going to win still remains. It’s fair to say they both have a shot and both deserve to win. But, ultimately there can be only one and the bookmakers seem to be favoring the Warriors.

That’s despite the blow of not having Kevin Durant ready to play. If the Warriors do win it will be their third consecutive NBA title, that’s an achievement in itself.

The Odds

If you want to place a bet then you need to understand the betting odds. It doesn’t matter if you’re betting on the NBA finals or the Kentucky Derby, the odds are a crucial part of the decision making process.

Currently, the odds of the Warriors winning stand at 9/25, if they win a third title they’ll be the first team to do it since the Lakers won 2000, 2001, and 2002. But, the game isn’t over yet.

In fact, the Warriors are predicted to lose their opening game against Toronto, a relatively unprecedented occurrence. If the Warriors do lose to Toronto they’ll be entering unknown territory as they have won game 1 every time in the last 4 years. Simply losing to Toronto could be enough to damage their confidence and cost them some games.

If you think this seems unlikely then consider that they have always had the home court advantage, but not this year. Alongside this, when they played the Toronto Raptors in November the Warriors actually lost.

In fact, that was the turning point for the Raptors which allowed them to complete a series sweep!

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant may be missing from the start of the finals but he is expected to return halfway through. If he does it could be all that the Warriors need to turn things around and really up the odds in their favor.

Durant is currently listed as the 15/1 favorite to be the Finals MVP. If he gets it this will be the third consecutive year, but he has some stiff competition.

The Overall Win

Despite the potential to lose to the Raptors in game 1 and start without Durant, the bookmakers still think the Warriors have what it takes to wrap it up this year, again.

Currently, they are predicted to win 6 games and secure the title by winning game 5. If they don’t do it by game 5 then the odds are 4/1 that it will be in game 7. The Raptors have 9/2 odds of securing the title by game 7.

Of course, these are just stats, but, if you wanted to place a bet then the Warriors are looking good.

Final Thoughts

The odds do seem to be in the favor of the Warriors but that doesn’t mean you should write the Raptors off yet. At the start of the season, not one of Toronto’s players was rated higher than 15, yet they are in with a shot at the title. The Warriors may be the favorites and most likely to win but that doesn’t mean you should write off the Raptors just yet.

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